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In recent weeks, I've found these posts have been rather popular on m' blog. And since it's also a great way for me to document this current season of life, I thought I'd make Life's Little Details a weekly feature. I hope you don't mind! In many ways, the picture-filled posts have been more frequent since Max arrived in October, so I suppose this was inevitable. Let's be real, I spend most of each day armed and ready with my camera, I might as well share some of my favorite moments with you.

I can't say much has changed since I checked in last week. We spend most of our time searching for the swell in The Rio. Quite honestly, some days that feat is a little easier than others. This whole colic thing continues to kick me in the patootie, but grins, giggles, and sweet moments with Queen Bee make it all worthwhile. Lately I've found joy in little things like assembling a birthday box for my sister, budding Hyacinths, hot pink garland, and an abundant amount of organization. I relieve any stress on my spin bike or creatively via Photoshop. I try not to let Max's crying get to me, but that's also easier said than done. In the last week, there have been moments that have tested my patience. Pretty pictures aside, how about some real talk? Hmm, where should I begin...

After waking up with a migraine Friday morning, I ran a few errands with Max. When we arrived home, I spilled my venti coffee all over the kitchen island while unloading groceries. I hadn't even taken a single sip. This was supposed to be MY special treat. Oy! Tripp proceeded to lay in the mess on the floor (erm, sticky and sopping wet!), and when I yelled at him to move, Max decided that was his cue to start wailing. It was one of those moments that leaves you scratching your head and asking, "Which fire do I put out first?" 

And then there was Sunday Fun Day—a day in which it's nice to slow down and relax, no? Naturally, I decided it might be fun to get some fresh air, take advantage of the sunny 70-degree weather, and burn a few calories, so I threw Max in his carrier and headed out for a long walk. At the halfway point, he lost it and began to kick and scream. I swear EVERYONE and their mother was outside walking their dogs or washing their cars. It was as though Max wanted to make his presence known to the entire Air Force base. Oh. Em. Gee. With no choice but to hide behind my sunnies and pick up the pace, the cries and kicks intensified. It was the kind of resistance training that no gym membership can buy. I don't think I've ever been so happy to unlock the front door and sit down to regain my composure. Nothing could make this child happy, so I placed him in his swing, turned up the white noise, and jumped on my spin bike for some sanity. Mind you, the pedaling was strictly so I could enjoy a stiff drink that evening without any guilt.

When I share snippets like this, I hope it doesn't come off as me being ungrateful or complaining over minutiae. I only divulge these tidbits with you because I know that life online can sometimes come across as though everything is sunshine and unicorns. Yes, I'm blessed, but life is also messy. I'm a new mom, and I can assure you I rarely have my $h!t together. Being mindful and finding beauty in the mundane is my only choice. Deciding to laugh about unfortunate events is optional but preferred for my own sanity. At the time, the aforementioned moments sucked the life out of me, but now they're humorous fodder for discussion. How's that for a win?

 How do you embrace life's messy moments?
P.S. When you dress your kid in a crab tee, his attitude may be a direct reflection of your wardrobe choices. Noted.
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