Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I'll be honest, I spent the bulk of my pregnancy worrying about really silly details. As shallow as it may sound, I feared that life with a new baby meant that cute daily outfits would no longer be my norm. Believe me when I say I agonized about "letting myself go" for ten straight months. I probably drove Flyboy and my mom crazy; in fact, I know I did. So when Max arrived, I realized that in order for me to show up each day and be the BEST version of myself and the BEST mom to Max, I needed to make it a priority. Now I know this is easier said than done, and I'm probably going to get a lot of eye rolls for this post, but getting dressed and putting myself together is important to ME. Yes, I have to make a conscious effort to wake up a little earlier than I'd probably like to make this a reality each day, but it's worth it to me. Thankfully, Flyboy understands how much it means to me, so we typically get up two hours before he heads to work so I have some time in our morning routine to get gussied up. And by gussied up, I just mean dry shampoo, a messy updo, and simple makeup. As for my daily ensemble, I know there's a BIG chance that I'm going to get spit-up and poo all over me, but I also know about the power of the Resolve Stain Stick, so I don't let the risk of getting messy deter me from wearing things that make me feel happy or good about myself. If I have to change my shirt, then so be it. Obviously, I don't don my fanciest duds, but I do try to incorporate some of my favorite elements (sparkle, prints, etc.) into my daily mom uniform.

Since Flyboy left last weekend, I've been getting up each day around 5:30 AM to allow myself some time to drink coffee and prepare for the long day ahead. Max typically gets up around 7:00 AM, which works out pretty well. However, this past Sunday, he decided to join me for an early start to the day. Curveballs like this are to be expected, so I threw him in his swing and he watched me paint m' face. So what if he knows all of my NARS blushes by name? Ha Ha! I guess it's just what I've got to do to show up each day and be the best me I can be. A little lipstick can make any ol' hot mess feel put together. From my experience, a pink pout and a cute headband have even been known to cure colic. Perhaps Harvey Karp might consider this in his book, The Happiest Baby on the Block?! It might not soothe a crying baby, but it sure as heck soothes this mama's soul.

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