Thursday, January 8, 2015


THANKFUL FOR: Over the holiday break, we witnessed so many changes in Max's demeanor. It's amazing! I know I've shared some of the lows that come with colic, but lately there have been little hints of a BIG personality. Ugh, it makes my insides turn into mush. Even if the moments are fleeting, they're a glimmer of hope. This phase will pass soon, and I'm so excited about what's ahead! There's a period in the evening when he's really happy and oh-so entertaining. Since discovering this magical time of night, I find myself looking forward to it every day. I get the warm and fuzzies whenever he smiles at me and acts playful. Ugh, I better stock up on wrinkle cream because this kid is going to be the cause of many smile lines, and that's fine by me.

THINKING ABOUT: Okay, I'm going to be that annoying mother and talk about my kid just a little more. I've decided that if I had to pick a voice to match Max's personality, it would definitely be Billy Eichner's. Sure the trademark screaming is loud and dramatic, but at the same time he's delightfully adorable. How can that be? Much like the TV funny man, the bebe is also VERY impatient. Now if only Max's irritability made me laugh as much as Billy's does. Ha! Sometimes I find myself talking to Max with my best Eichner impersonation. Who knows, maybe he'll respond if I match his level of sass and gusto? I'll try anything.

FEELINGFlyboy leaves for training this Saturday and he'll be gone for five weeks. Yowzah! Oddly enough, I'm not as worried about my workload with Max. Nope, my biggest hurdle right now is Beesly and her pesky meds. Girlfriend is stubborn and smart—two traits I'd typically triumph, but not when it comes to her taking pills. The fact that she has to take three capsules a day for THREE more weeks has me feeling rather frazzled. Believe me when I say we've tried EVERYTHING under the sun, but nothing seems to work. We honestly have to pry her mouth open, shove the pill down her throat, hold her snout shut, and pray she swallows. Let me just tell you that watching us administer the meds is a real riot. With each pill, it usually takes about five attempts before we're successful. You can bet my hand is coated in slobber and dog hair. It's atrocious! Please keep this in mind if snippets of life in Swell Rio ever look particularly glamorous on m' blog or Instagram. You should know I'm probably on the brink of tears (dramatic much?) straddling our dog and my limbs glisten with slobber. Yep, it doesn't get any fancier than that, my friends. 

LISTENING TO: Remind me to send Madonna a thank-you note for the earworm Illuminati. I simply can't get it out of my head. It's not that I really love the song, I can just see it being used in a commercial on Bravo so I might as well master the lyrics. Seems rational, doesn't it?! Anywho, it got me wondering whether Madge notified Oprah and the Pope that they would be fodder in her latest single. I mean, it would be really nice to get some sort of heads up that you're now a lyric. Wouldn't you agree? In the event Madonna did call Bey and Jay to sign off on the hit, can you even imagine how a conversation like that might go? I giggle at the thought. And yes, I should really get a hobby. However, this is the kind of stuff you think about when you hang out with a wailing infant.

WATCHING: I got hooked on Parenthood when we lived in Hawaii. I'm talking about the series, not the REAL thing (jury's still out on that one...). Anywho, it was one of those shows that I could get away with watching while Flyboy was gone. Naturally, I was sucked into the Braverman family drama, and I'm forever endeared to characters like Zeke, Julia, and Crosby. With just four episodes left, I am a glass case of emotion. While I'd like to put the series finale off for as long as possible, you can bet I'll be tuning in every Thursday until I'm forced to say good bye. The mid-season finale made me revert to the ugly cry, so I can only imagine how this will pan out. 

EATING: Since Flyboy is Alabama bound, I thought I'd test this JalapeƱo Popper Taquito recipe from Creme de la Crumb. When I stumbled upon it on Pinterest, I knew it had his name written all over it. Just as I hoped, it was a tasty little send-off and will most likely become one of those go-to recipes that I'll make again once he returns. Healthy? Erm, no. Delectable? Yes.

READING: Over the next few weeks, I hope to dive into The Andy Cohen Diaries and Yes Please. Most of my preferred entertainment could be considered low-brow, so I should probably be nose deep in something with more substance, but what's the fun in that?

LOVING: My parents got me a pair of Kate Spade Glitter Keds for Christmas, and I'm just a teensy bit obsessed. It's ridiculous how a pair of tennies can make you feel invincible. I might just wear them every day in Flyboy's absence. Swell Rio could use some sparkle.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!
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