Monday, January 12, 2015


Baby's can throw some serious shade. Just ask Max.
Because of this cheeky tumbler, my H2O intake has spiked.
A few weeks late, I finally finished my Christmas thank-you notes. What a relief!
Because any ol' appointment can feel fancy with bows on your toes...
Oh my heart! I can't wait to see these two together again. In a few weeks, my ashy roots will be grateful, too!
This SPEC-tacular bangle makes me feel closer to my mom.
She has the same bracelet, and I like to believe it gives me mom superpowers or something...
Slowly but surely, Beesly is getting her groove back. As soon as her stitches come out, rehab begins. Woo Hoo!
Anna Spiro, you are my spirit animal. This book is EVERYTHING!
Life is so much sweeter with the love nugget.

Happy Monday, m' dears! With Flyboy away, I've found it's more important than ever that I take note of the beauty that's in the mundane. Life in Swell Rio moves at a snail's pace, and while I'm aware this has its perks, I can't help but wonder how we'll fair these next five weeks. I mean, the past two days have felt like a lifetime already. Ha Ha! While I'd like to crawl into Max's teepee with a fizzy cocktail and hide for awhile, I've decided it's best I look to find the good no matter the circumstances. Today's post mostly serves as a little pep talk for myself. You see, Max and I are headed to the vet this morning to get Beesly's stitches taken out. In my head, I've planned how this whole scenario might go down a gazillion times and one thing's for sure—we'll look like a hot mess as we load and unload The Rig, but we'll survive and there will be Starbucks treats for everyone when it's all said and done. Hooray! In just 48 hours, I've decided the coming and going of Flyboy was SO much easier sans baby, but it wasn't nearly this cute or eventful. 

Here's to a week filled with new adventures! Don't forget to look around. There's beauty in the details. I promise.
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