Monday, November 26, 2012

A Wicked Good Time

On Friday night, Flyboy and I pulled the trigger and bought tickets to see Wicked. Eek! We knew we'd both be around, and it's been on our mutual Bucket List for awhile. I don't think we ever actually believed the musical would make its way to Honolulu; it's not often that productions like this come to the island. I guess it was just meant to be! So last night, we got all gussied up (I wore my snazziest shade of emerald) and we had the most memorable evening. I'm not sure what I loved more — the actual musical or the excited discussions that followed. I'll never forget FB's reaction to "Defying Gravity", or the way I fought back the tears when Elphaba and Galinda sang "For Good". The story was so witty and wonderful and exceeded any expectations I had. I have a feeling that I'll be wearing this smile for awhile. I only wish it was possible to bottle this kind of enchanted feeling. 

I'm sorry that today's post isn't anything special. I typically spend Sunday nights blogging, but last night I was too busy checking something off my Life List. It was a blast! I figured you might let it slide just once. Thanks!

I hope you had a scrumptious weekend.
P.S. Is anyone else tired of leftovers?

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  1. cannot even tell you how jealous i am of you seeing wicked. AH!

  2. We bought tickets to go see it at the Fox in St. Louis in January! I'm super excited!

  3. The chorus used to always sing "For Good" at graduation at the high school where I used to work. Got me choked up every time!

  4. Nothing special?! It's totally special! This sounds like an excellent time. :)