Monday, November 5, 2012

Life's Little Details

"The details are not the details. They make the design." -- Charles Eames
Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Did you do anything spectacular? Not much is going on around here (the Atlanta Housewives premiere was the highlight), so I thought I'd treat you to a little Insta-update and let my recent snapshots do the talking. Take a look at a few details that make this life a whole lot sweeter.

Baking Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies / With a name like "Snap Happy" how could I refuse? / Tripp snoozing. / Happy Notes
Yahoo, I voted absentee for the first time! / A sculptural surprise from my mom. / Sparkly Skimmers. / Breakfast for one.
I'm a sucker for cute packaging! / Hey, Mr. Postman! / My DV ticket stub -- a definite keepsake. / Gettin' Trippy with it. 
Solid advice. / Beesly got a fancy new scarf. Darling, isn't she? / Fancy pants. / Gold Dotted Pouch -- Is this love?
 My birthday treat yo self! / Smothering my favorite gal. / Funny Face on a Friday night. / The beach and a great book.
Top knot watercolor for the gallery wall. / Birthday booty from my parents. / I made the Fashion Lady mine! / Eek, I feel so legit.
I hope your Monday is marvy!
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  1. Yep, these pictures further prove we're destined to be blog besties. 1. KSNY is everywhere. 2. Love the fashion lady! 3. Tell me more about this J.Crew Very Personal Stylist card!

  2. How is it that your life always looks like so much FUN??! ;) Always enjoy these posts-- so full of color and cheer!

  3. Did you finish The Glass Castle?! I read it a few years back and was just bowled over.

  4. Love those colorful envelopes and that clutch, where from?