Thursday, November 8, 2012

That Strikes My Fancy!

You knew this post was inevitable, didn't you? I'm talking about Kate Spade's new arrivals. The latest batch of colorful goods literally rocked my argyle socks off! While I've enjoyed this Fall's homage to spots, I felt the color palette was lacking. I get it, Oxblood, Dijon, and Dusty Blue are "in" this autumn, but I find those colors rather dull and dowdy. Where are the vivid colors like Snapdragon, Maraschino, and Celedon? These sorts of bold hues are synonymous with the brand's aesthetic; they're the colors we've grown to love and expect. As the holiday season begins, Kate Spade has brought their A-game with plenty of cheeky and glittery items to choose from. On the downside, my polka-dot lined wallet is no longer safe from another one of their charming collections!

Take a peek at my favorite pieces...
Jewelbar Round Studs // A colorful way to sparkle.
Bow USB // Who knew tech devices could be so darling?
Say Yes Ta Da Studs // Now these are just clever... 
Hit Your Stride Idiom Bangle // Bedecked in colorful squares. Could it get any cuter?
Tequila Is Not My Friend Terry // How did they know? This bag is autobiographical.
Polka Dot Thermos // A festive and playful way to sip your hot cocoa or coffee.
The Glass Is Half Full Bangle // A bracelet for the eternal optimist.
Bobby Pins // Too adorable for words. I think I need these and stat.
Colorblocked Dominick Skirt // This has Ashley written all over it. With a steep price tag, I think I'll scour the sales.

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  1. HA! Love the bag - who can't relate to that! Always great finds, Ashley xo

  2. i seriously love all of it. i saw that bag on the website and about died. love all the witty # stuff!

  3. Loove me some Kate Spade. I'm about to start doing gift guides on my blog and I'm sure many of these items will make the list!