Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Need Read Greed

This week's Need Read Greed contributor is the lovely Caitlin Brennan from Weeknight Wandering.
  • Need: So I am switching my need/greed decisions. I really 'need' this leather jacket, right? I have no fun jackets and I have been wanting a leather jacket it - you can see, I'm sure. The weather in Chicago is quickly falling and I would love this transition piece to take me from fall to winter. I'm already cold and don't want to break out my winter coat just yet.
  • Read: I finished this book a couple weeks ago and it was a page turner. I think I finished it in a couple days, a week tops. I love a good suspense/thriller/mystery and this book hit on all three.
  • Greed & GreedSo to me, these cute little dainty rings are my real  'greed' item because I would love to be able to buy 10 and mix and match them.  Stack a couple on one finger, put one on my pinky and throw some on different knuckles. I do not need any of these rings but want a dozen. I also just really love Catbird and everything they have!
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Have a swell Wednesday!
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  1. Loved Gone Girl....not what I expected and such a page turner!! You'd like, "before I go to sleep" by s.J. Watson if you liked gone girl. I literally put the kids in front of the tv so I could finish it :)