Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Moodboard: Jenna Lyons' Office

As I sat down at my desk Sunday afternoon to bloggie brainstorm, I realized the creative juices just weren't flowing and I couldn't force myself to come up with a single post idea. It was getting ridonkulous! When this happens, it usually means that I need to create something tangible or go outside.  Upon this realization, I looked at the inspiration board above my desk and decided it needed a facelift. For me, rearranging my bulletin board is so therapeutic. Before getting out my scissors and push pins, I thought about all of my favorite work spaces and inspiration boards. Naturally, Jenna Lyons' iconic office came to mind. Much to my excitement, J.Crew's president and creative director has been making the rounds in the November issue of Lonny magazine and the December issue of Glamour (she's one of their 2012 women of the year). It's like these publications knew I needed a creative and inspirational boost. There's something imperfectly perfect about her office. The space is vibrant, messy, and I love it! How about the artful stacks of magazines and books? Ugh, and the wall that's covered in torn-out magazine pages, fabric swatches, sketches, etc.? While this blog post might be as close as I ever get to stepping foot into Jenna's office, it serves as the perfect source of inspiration to kick off another work week.

Jenna's office with a Type-A(shley) twist...

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  1. Saw that office in Lonny. I die. Love your picks-as always! Such creativity.

  2. Now I want to redo my office...I love this post and connections to all the goodies. Now only if I had the space. What's a girl to do.

  3. IOh god, I want to be Jenna Lyons. She really is amazing.

    Really enjoyed thist post. Thank you for sharing!!


  4. Her office is one of my all time favorite rooms -- love how you recreated the look!

  5. I just love her, too. And I love the "specs." I'm taking that as a subtle shout-out.