Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pinterest Pairs

A Pinterest sesh is successful when I've stumbled upon something bright and cheerful. I get especially giddy when I'm introduced to a new artist —if it's abstract and colorful, it's a winner! So you can imagine my level of excitement when I turned to my virtual pin board for a little bloggie inspiration on Wednesday night, and I learned about the amazing work of Monique Van Genderen. I was so awestruck by her art, I just had to share some of my favorites with you. In addition to these abstract beauties, I've included some of my latest and greatest pins that coordinate with the artwork. I hope it adds a splash of color to your day!   
1 // 2
1 // 2
1 // 2
1 // 2
1 // 2

P.S. Hop on over to Blair Ritchey's blog today! I'm so excited to participate in her "Spill It!" series. Take a look at what's inside my Lulu here.
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  1. I saw you featured on Blair Richey' Spill It" series and bad to follow! I love your home our, so cute!!!! Oh & btw, I'm from Hawaii as well <3

  2. Love these pairs, and I loved seeing your spill-it post! Such a fun day of posts :)