Thursday, May 30, 2013


Instagram is my favorite productivity killer and creative instigator. It's one way in which I like to delight in the ordinary; it makes me stop and relish the beauty that is my life. I may be dusting around the house and I see a beautiful sunrise — "Quick, go get your camera (err, I mean phone)." I'll run around Lil' Puna like a stressed-out nut job and I see the smiling face of Beesly or Tripp snoozing and snoring in the corner — "Quick, go get your camera (err, I mean phone)." I might throw together an outfit I'm proud of, or style my knick-knacks in a way that would only make mom beam — "Quick, go get your camera (err, I mean phone)." I'll find myself WAITING for the next Sunday when Flyboy's next to me and we're relaxing seaside. When this happens, I feel a sense of bliss — "Quick, go get your camera (err, I mean phone)." I want to capture the moment. I'm such a visual person, I don't want to forget how I felt in that instance. When the minutiae of daily life starts to consume me, I turn to this happy album brimming with photos, or reminders of life's blessings.

And while I know there are a lot of opinions about Instagram and how these sorts of social media outlets tend to make others feel as though their lives are less than perfect, I disagree. Simply put, haters gonna hate. Just as much as I love snapping little moments and vignettes from my daily life, which allow me to focus on all that's good and pretty, I simply adore seeing life from the perspective of others. So many of us turn to Instagram because we're visually stimulated. I mean, is there anything better than a well-curated snapshot? Some of my favorite Instagrammers inspire me to look at life from various perspectives and to hone in on specific details. There's an art to beautiful images and I absolutely admire the way others capture life with an emphasis on light, movement, etc.

Alright, alright, I've rambled enough. 
Here are a dozen Instagram accounts whose pictures make me giddy: 

  • LADYANK // A J.Crew Stylist and probably the most precious prego I've ever seen (next to Kate, obvi)!
  • CHARTREUSETWIST // She's a DIY queen, and I'm a HUGE fan of her blog.
  • FABKSTYLE // Kelly has a beautiful eye for design and captures details impeccably.
  • NORTHWESTMOMMY // Images of Max, the Newfoundland, make my heart so incredibly happy!
  • COLOURBLOC // A self-proclaimed gallery wall enthusiast and pop-of-color believer. Perfection.
  • MRSLAIRDYPANTS // She's the kind of stylish gal you'd want to spend the afternoon with.
  • THELADYMIMOSA // This lady takes Kate Spade's "Live Color Fully" motto seriously, and I love it!
  • WAITINGONMARTHA // Mandy has a zeal for life that's contagious and an eye for all things fabulous. 
  • ADASHOFDETAILS // I dare you not to adore Ali. Of course, her blog is equally incredible!
  • NOTES_FROM_MONROE // There's no shortage of pink! Her photos are GORGEOUS.
  • PENCILSHAVINGS // Rachel has an aesthetic and sense of creativity I truly admire.
  • TULIPSANDFLIGHTSUITS // Mary is incredibly genuine. She's the kind of person you'd feel so blessed to call your friend. I just love the way she captures life as a new family.

Do you have a favorite Instagram account that I should know about?!
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