Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

There's nothing incredibly special about today's post. I just thought it was time we take a moment and discuss how precious Kate makes pregnancy appear. Did we expect anything less? Of course, not! My obsession with the Duchess of Cambridge is nothing new. Throughout most of middle school, I believed I might marry Prince William. Any time we'd visit London, I kept a special eye out for my favorite royal. These days, I find myself more smitten with Catherine than William. Does it really get any more adorable than this? I mean, really!!!

At age 27 and having been married for almost five years, we're beginning to get a lot of questions and not-so-subtle hints from family members regarding children. I get it. They're excited! From time to time, I like to humor myself and think about what it might be like when we get to that next chapter. Sometimes the daydreaming leads to giddy smiles, but more often than not, I get incredibly freaked out! I think I'm mostly amused with cute baby clothes and nursery decor than anything else. I know that sounds awful, but how do you know when it's time to start a family? Are you ever really ready? I have a handful of friends that have moved on to this next chapter and they've made it look so effortless. As a worrywart and control freak, I just feel confused. I wish there was some sort of magical light up board to signal "It's Time!" Do you know where we can get one of those? Right now, I think I could just settle as an honorary aunt to Will and Kate's offspring. I would SO be the fun aunt!
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