Wednesday, January 15, 2014


ART I HEART: Abstract Brights by Kelly Nasuta // Peony Bottle by Betty Hatchett //
Bauhaus by Guy Jean-Baptiste // Something Borrowed by That Girl Studio // Big Heart by Jorey Hurley

Since I started blogging, I've found that I'm always on the lookout for things I find lovely. I think that's the greatest gift that One Fine Day has given me these past 2.5 years—I'm in constant pursuit of details which fill me up with beauty. Whether it's an image, quote, color, or fancy type, I know when I've found something worth sharing because I can feel my eyebrows arch and my eyes light up with excitement. Whenever this occurs, I feel the need to warn those in the immediate vicinity. Yep, the ol' baby blues are about to pop outta my head. Hey, I never said I wasn't dramatic! I guess I just love that feeling, and I think that's what keeps me coming back to blog. While the search to post fabulous content can vary each day—some days are more successful than others—it's often the haphazard clicking and skipping around the Internet that proves to be most fruitful. For instance, I haven't been on Minted's website for far too long. I sometimes forget that the site is great for things OTHER than Christmas cards. Anywho, I managed to spend a good chunk of my Tuesday morning ogling over their selection of art prints. From there, I started scribbling down the names of artists and graphic designers that I wanted to learn more about. I hit a gold mine! Google always comes to the rescue and provided me with oodles of info to keep me feeling inspired for quite some time.

Aside from sharing super cute and affordable prints with you today, there's a moral to this post. Always be on the hunt for beautiful details that ignite some sort of excitement in your day. Find what makes your eyes light up and get lost in it!

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a few things I hope to cross off my LIFE LIST in 2014! So much for spontaneity...
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