Thursday, January 16, 2014


  1. Learn calligraphy. Oh, it's happening! Lauren Essl's work makes me want to perfect my script.
  2. Splurge on a snazzy personalized address stamp. Because we move frequently, I'm always hesitant to pull the trigger on this one. It's going to be a LONG time until we have a permanent address, so why wait any longer?
  3. Swap our current desk for a Parsons. Ever since my first architecture course in college, I've lusted over this iconic piece.
  4. Visit Charleston. Our friends just moved there, and I've got an itch to share one of my favorite cities with Flyboy!
  5. Wear spectacles. If I wait for my eyesight to worsen, I'll never get to wear glasses. This is my year to find a pair that suits me and be bold enough to sport them with confidence. Also, isn't it like a blogger's rite of passage?!
  6. See Garth Brooks in concert with my dad. Flyboy and I saw Garth in concert in 2007, but part of me has always felt a little guilty that I saw him perform before my dad. Now that GB announced his 2014 tour, I know it's meant to be!
  7. Drive a truck down a gravel road with George Strait blaring on the radio. When we moved to Hawaii from Texas, I had regrets about this one. Now that we're back in TX and Flyboy still has his truck, I'm going to make this top priority.
  8. Buy a pair of cowboy boots. I realize items 6 through 8 make me seem like a real honky. When in Texas...
  9. Spend a weekend in Marfa, TX and get lost in the world of Donald Judd. This can't happen soon enough!
  10. Bake a cake using edible gold glitter. The real question, why has it taken me so long to cross this one off the list?!

And in case you were wondering, I crossed the following items off my list in 2013:
  • Overcome my fear of wearing boots. After 16 years of pining over wellies, I worked up the courage to wear them.
  • Attend a fancy blog workshop or conference, like Blogshop or Alt Summit. (Thanks, mom and dad!)
  • Splurge on fancy business/blogger cards! (Thanks, mom and dad!)
  • Find the perfect storage container (vintage suitcase?) and create a stationery wardrobe.
  • Learn how to drive a stick shift so I can eventually own a Jetta TDI — They made an automatic TDI! Woo Hoo!
  • Buy a fancy font or two for m' blog

Do you have a Bucket List? Have you crossed anything off? What will you tackle it in 2014?

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