Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today's Need Read Greed courtesy of the lovely Laura Huebner of Dotted Design:
  • NEEDWith the New Year in swing, I'm motivated to get organized. As an obsessive list maker, I love having something with me at all times to jot down my most brilliant ideas (or the fact that I need to buy cereal). These pocket notebooks are the perfect size for slipping in my purse or keeping right on my desk. They are so pretty - with polka dots, nonetheless - why wouldn't I want to stay organized and use them?
  • READWhile this is not a new book, it is a haunting story about a women living as a handmaid in a dystopian society called the Republic of Gilead. She has strict curfew rules, serves a Commander, and has very few choices of her own. She can sometimes vaguely recall a former life where she had a job, a husband, and a daughter, and throughout the book wrestles with whether these memories are real or not. It's a deep story that makes for great discussion about the roles of women in society!
  • GREEDWinter in the Midwest lasts many months beyond the white Christmas season, and a beautiful coat is one way to make each day a little more bearable. I'd swoon to wear this striped one while walking around town (with a giant scarf and hat, of course). 

Thanks for sharing, Laura. That coat is just to die for!

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