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Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! Yesterday during lunch, in the midst of of a chocolate milk disaster, it felt like Monday had spiraled out of control. I spent the better part of the morning mentally fussing over all the unknowns that have come with our next move, which kept productivity and me being present with my child at an all-time low. I suppose the stain-filled sticky spill is when ALL the feelings came to a head and I was smacked in the face with a much-needed reality check. Humbled by the Harvey devastation, my midday mess and the uncertainties of this PCS paled in comparison to what's occurred just 350 miles east of Swell Rio. In that moment, I felt like a giant buffoon who desperately needed to take a deep breath and be grateful for her blessings. Embarrassed by my pitiful thoughts and actions, I considered skipping today's blog post altogether. In the big scheme of things, what's the point in rambling about silly subjects like house plants, a cheeky keychain, or strawberry milk anyway?! This colorful corner has always been a place where I can share the things I find delightful in addition to recording all that's good in life. I think I'll do just that.

Today's post is merely a personal reminder to keep looking for the bright spots because I'm surrounded by them daily. It's an impromptu breakfast at Starbucks on a Friday morning with my favorites; watching Beesly take deep breaths as she peacefully naps under my desk; the wonder in Max's eyes when he observes a fresh batch of baby chicks; or the way our resident toddler insists on teaching Sue the T.rex to talk, but gets so frustrated when she won't respond. Bless it. Yes, this is the really good stuff.

And maybe you're like me and you could also use a subtle reminder to absorb and appreciate all that's gone right? I can assure you it's there, and the moment your heart feels overwhelmed with the warm and fuzzies of gratitude, I've learned it's best to pay it forward in whatever way you can. You guys, the energy I spent bemoaning minutiae this morning was a total waste and could have been better spent acknowledging life's blessings and looking for little ways to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey instead. My parents taught me to take note of what's good and give back. After today's humble reminder, I have every intention of doing so. If you are also inclined, here's an article that's filled with various ways in which we can help out.

Alright, enough from me. How's your week?! 
Do you know anyone that's been directly affected by Harvey, or other ways in which we can assist in relief?

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