Wednesday, August 2, 2017



Happy Wednesday, sweet readers! How are you?? We got back from our tour of the Midwest last week and after 18 days away from home, getting back into a Swell Rio groove took a little work. Yikes! But now that Max is back to napping again (Thank God!), the fridge is stocked, and the plants are rebounding, it seems like the right time to check in and share a few snippets from our trip. I'll spare you from any long-winded summary today and let the snapshots do the talking, but our week in Missouri was filled mostly with wedding festivities (Flyboy's dad got remarried), watching Max play excitedly with heirloom toys (FB's ol' tractor), lawnmower rides, skipping through sprinklers with grandparents, along with several memorable dinners in the company of family and friends. 

The older Max gets, the more grateful we are that he gets to make memories in the same places we did when we were kids and with the same people that have loved us so well over the years. As an Air Force brat, I know Max will cherish experiences like these more than anything. If he's like his mom, he'll look back on trips like this fondly and he'll be reminded that he doesn't need a literal hometown when he carries special moments with people he loves dearly so close to his heart.  

Now, as I prep tomorrow's Iowa Recap (Don't get too excited!), PLEEEEASE tell me what you've been up to!! I'm dying to know.

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