Tuesday, August 8, 2017



I feel like it's my motherly duty to share any sort of cute toy I can find with you. But as many of you are aware, I'm typically attracted to all of the girly cuteness that flutters around the Interwebs. Can you blame me?? There's just SO much of it. Sigh. Lucky for you, I finally stumbled upon a real #boymom win—but girls will adore them as well, obvi. If you're in a similar situation and your house is covered with ALL the trains and trucks, you're going to want to add a few pieces from Candylab Toys to the mix. The design and color schemes are so beautiful, you won't mind having these pieces scattered about. Trust me! We recently added Pioneer and Towie to the playful mix at our abode and I find myself tinkering around with them almost as much as Max does. They're such a treat!

Shop the selection of smoking rides via Candylab's online shop or Amazon if Prime is your preference.

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