Monday, August 15, 2011

Ashley's Alphabet Soup

More About Me: From A to Z
Blogging at times can be a bit narcissistic to this bashful being. I mean, let's face it Fine, you're not that fascinating! This post is more or less an opportunity for me to collage relevant aspects of my life right now. I'm hoping that this collection of images will help recharge my creative juices. It never hurts to surround yourself with things you love and reminders of what inspires you. So please excuse me while I talk more about me. Eww, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

"I wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?" -- Jerry Seinfeld 
Argyle, Art, Artists, America

Blogging, Bags, Bows, Baubles, Bravo, Bikes, Books, Bernese Mountain Dogs (specifically, Beesly!)

Cardigans, Cooking, Cake, Creativity, Chevrons, Coffee (Caramel Macchiato, anyone?)

Domino, Dada, Decor

Elephants, Elements of Style, Essie, Eames

Flats, Faith, Fine, Flyboy, Fonts

Grammar, Goldens, Green, Gin, Glitter

Hawaii, Hearts, Happiness, Hepburn

Happy Monday! 
Stay tuned for another bowl of alphabet soup.
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  1. What a cute idea!! I don't think you are being narcissistic! I like reading about the things you like!

  2. Aw, when I got to the B's I thought of the time you and Aubrey babysat Charlie and you were so worried that you would forget one of HIS five B's :) (And for the record, he's down to four... the bink dropped out a couple of years ago, thank goodness!).

  3. Amy: Oh my goodness! I forgot about his five B's. We were definitely worried about getting those down pat:) I wish I was around to get to babysit the two of them. It would be so much fun!!

    Staley: Thanks for always commenting! You're too sweet:)

  4. I guess Charlie does still have five... he replaced bink with bedtime snack :) I'm sure they would love having you as a sitter!