Thursday, August 11, 2011

Currently Reading: The Help

I realize I may be a little late to jump on this particular book bandwagon, but I recently picked up a copy of The Help at Target, and I'm loving it! I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to buy it. I want to read it before I see the movie, so I'm using that as motivation to sit down and read -- no interruptions. I apologize for the short and lazy post, but I've got to buckle down and finish this already! I can't wait to add it to my stack of favorite reads. I don't know if I've enjoyed reading a book so much in awhile. It's just that good!

Speaking of stacks... 
Here are a few beautiful pictures in which books take center stage as delightful decor.

If these images get you all hot and bothered, check out Bookshelf Porn -- the essential site for those who like things organized neatly!

Nose deep in a book?
What are you reading?
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  1. I started reading "The Help" yesterday and I can NOT put it down!

  2. I know! If I would have known I was going to enjoy it so much, I would have picked it up sooner:) I have a tendency to not want to read books that are all the rage, especially if they're going to make a movie based on it! I was so wrong about this one. It's so amazing.

  3. Oooh! I love that "A" pillow in the second to last pic! Actually, I love everything about that picture; the colors, the chair...

    "The Help" is sooo good. Kylee read it and passed it on to me; I really think it is one I could read over and over again.

  4. I started reading "Heaven Is For Real" and I'm also reading a book about collecting data ... (book study at work!) haha

  5. I just finished devouring the Hunger Games trilogy. The Help is next on the list after I read a book Aimee lent me Izzy & Lenore. My reading problem has increased since I got my Kindle.

  6. Amy- I'm loving that little niche with the armchair and A pillow as well. I think the pillow is by Jonathan Adler. It's A-mazing!

    JoFu- Aubrey just read "Heaven is for Real." I need to pick up a copy this weekend. Did you like it? She wants to discuss with someone, so I told her I'd read it.

    Kimdee- Everyone keeps talking about the Hunger Games trilogy. There's a huge following. I need to look into downloading the books. You got a Kindle? How fancy! Was it a b-day gift? I'll have to take a gander at Izzy & Lenore. The title sounds cute!!