Thursday, August 4, 2011

Think Happy. Be Happy.

Pardon the lack of creativity in this week's posts. Do you ever have those blah kind of days? I've just felt a little melancholy and uninspired lately. On a brighter note, I've been working on a project for my dad's upcoming birthday (his 50th), and I've been sifting through old photos. These memories remind me to count my blessings. I have a wonderful family! I'm a bit bias, but they're truly the best. I just can't help but wonder sometimes why we can't liver closer to one another. Wouldn't that just be perfect? Anywho, Flyboy has the opportunity to meet up with my parents this weekend on a trip to the East Coast. I'm going to try not to act too jealous and just focus on a few sunny images instead. Maybe it's time for another "Fictional Fun Day"? Who wants to join? Where shall we go?

Will Do.

Mauve District, 1966, Helen Frankenthaler

Deborah Lloyd is precious. This grouping brightens my day!

I love Jessica Hische! She's so talented.

Happiness is a new canvas and paint.

A photo my sister took at a coffee shop yesterday.
I like to pretend it's me she's looking at. I probably said something awkward again...

A special thanks to Anna Beth for pinning several of these images. Way to spread the sunshine!
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  1. Loving the post lady! And you're more than welcome...I think I have a serious Pinterest problem. Yes to Fictional Fun Day...can I come too? Maybe to a museum?

  2. I know what you mean, I've been feeling uninspired lately too. I'm all for a Fictional Fun Day!

  3. Fictional Fun Day in CoMo! You know you want some Trops and food from Tequila. Just not together... :)

  4. Hahahaha! We'll go to an art museum and then jet set to CoMO for Tequila & Trops (but not in that order)!! I'm working on it;)