Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The ♥ List

Here's what makes me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

From the Office of Jenna Lyons
Stylelist's photo gallery of Jenna's office made me swoon. 
I loved learning about the anecdotes behind her fave knick knacks. She's such a creative genius. I die.

Is it bad that I hope my vision gets worse one day. I really want an excuse to rock some frames like Jenna.
I guess not much has changed since my elementary school days, when I purposefully failed my vision test so I could wear eyeglasses like my American Girl doll, Molly. Don't judge.

Color Combo: rust + pink
A precious pairing.

Add 'em to the Wish List...
While full-blown Wellies might not be that appropriate for our current climate, 
these Hunter Turks would help fill the void. I think they're darling!

Behind the Shades: Anna Wintour
I love when I come across an image or quote that makes me instantly think of someone I love and miss dearly. Seeing this caricature reminded me of my lovely friend, B. Clark. Somewhere in NYC, he's making someone laugh hysterically. I'm glad he gets to share the love.

Subtle Details
How dainty & precious!

Bust-a-gut moments with Flyboy
I displayed some of my bangles and bracelets on this poseable wooden drawing hand. When I got home one night from my training course, Flyboy filled me in on how much he liked what I'd done with it. I was taken aback by his animated appreciation. He's a man who loves detail, what can I say? His genuineness makes me smile every time I pass by it.

We were lounging on the couch after our Saturday Koko Head hike. Flyboy is flipping through the Pottery Barn catalog -- it's one that he'll take a gander at from time to time. He comes across this DENIM slipcover couch, points to it and says, "Clearly Pottery Barn doesn't always get it right." I erupt in laughter, and he ends with this comment: "You could literally wear a Canadian Tuxedo and get lost in that thing!" I love these kinds of moments.  

Weekend Snapshots
A bottle of Yuengling + lounging around = a happy Saturday afternoon.

The hike up Koko Head made us deserving of a beer or two.
There are approximately 1,100 steps (or abandoned railroad tracks) to the top, but the view is worth it!
Let's just say my gams are still feeling the burn.

Say what?!? k.slademade has scarves!
I'm crazy for this one!

A Playful Palette
I love the bright and feminine colors used in each of these rooms! I love  Coco + Kelley even more!

Fresh flowers at my desk
Flyboy stopped to pick me up some blooms on his way home from work on Friday. Major bonus points!

And finally, adding a new pen pal to the list...
Talk about some major warm & fuzzies.

Well, that was random...
Happy Tuesday!

P.S. If you haven't voted, would you mind visiting this link? A friend sent me an email last week with info regarding this little contest and encouraged me to do it. Isn't it sweet when you feel kindness and encouragement from others? It means a lot when others believe in you more than you might believe in yourself. Anywho, I feel like a goober for asking and trying, but it's part of my effort to be more courageous, spontaneous and care free. While I can't say my middle name is "Glamorous", I would love the opportunity to get to write and use my degree for something. I just figure I can't feel like a giant J-School loser if I don't give opportunities like this a shot. Thanks for your support!! 
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  1. This whole post is the epitome of warm and fuzzy! Tell me you're framing those amazing Koko Head shots!

  2. Get out! I failed my vision test on purpose too! Oh man, I wanted glasses and braces SOOO bad in third grade.. I'm pretty sure I made myself a fake retainer out of one of those twistie ties from a Barbie box.