Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taking Style Cues from Toddlers

I would be lying if I sat here and told you that I can't wait to have a kid or two some day.
But when I think about the reasons I'd like to have a child, they seem quite silly really.

  1. I have some really great names picked out.
  2. I especially can't wait to dress my future daughter, Olivia. She will be my mini-me!

I know there's more to having kids than superficial reasons such as these. 
Let's just say that it's not quite time for this Fine duo to pop out an addition. 
We often joke about how we might be better off just breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs.
A brood of Berners doesn't sound half bad. 
The biggest downside to this option? My mom would want me to return my Eames rocker. Ever since she saw little Eleanor's photo taken monthly in the Eames via Making it Lovely, it was part of the deal. The rocker was all mine, if she could have a grandchild one day...

And since this isn't happening any time soon, 
I'll continue to compile images for future Olivia's lookbook.
Who am I kidding? I would be ecstatic to look as stylish and polished as these trendy tots!
Cheetah Flats -- Are you kidding me? I'm squealing with delight.

I love everything about these three looks. Is it bad that I'd like to wear them myself?

Sassy & Classy

Preppy & Precious

Seriously? They make kids this cute?

Embellishments & Accessories -- Oh my!

Adorable child comes complete with a Baggu.

Cardigans, dresses, confetti & flats! Looks like my kinda party!

Woah! This is borderline Suri Cruise. The precious factor is starting to wear off. All I see is attitude!

A bob cut, polka dot shirt & ruffles. This looks about right!

Hey, it's fun to dream!
For now, I'll just continue to play dress up with Beesly. Here's a hoot of a video:
Popcorn the BMD in Uggs

One day, I hope it's something like this:
That giggle is contagious.

I hope you enjoyed your gratuitous Berner moments.
I promise to limit the number of BMD videos I post -- it's a bit crazy dog lady of me.

Enjoy your Wednesday.
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  1. Not crazy at all! Those little girls were adorable!

  2. So precious! I love seeing cutely dressed little girls and daydream about when I have one of my own to dress!! So fun!

  3. Love love love love love this post. How could I not with Mini Freed on the way? I can't wait until she's up and moving and you can see an entire outfit, not just the front side from her being on her back all the time. :) Can't wait. I'll definitely get some good suggestions and inspirations from you, I can tell. Miss you!!

  4. I know! Boys are pretty fun, but you get to dress up little girls:) These little ladies are just so cute, I want to squeeze them! That just sounds awful, but I mean it in the best way possible!!!

    Messy Girl -- If I could have a little boy as adorable as your nephew, I would be smitten! He's so precious. I bet you love him to pieces:)

    Freedom -- You're a lucky gal. You're going to have so much fun. I hope you're feeling great!!!