Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: What's in the bag?

What's in Staley's Beach Bag?
Hi, I'm Staley! I love beach bags. Every year I go on a search for one that is functional, but also stylish and will hold everything I need for a day at the pool or the beach. This year I found this bag on a whim. I was at IKEA and there was a big selection of plastic market totes for only $2 -- it was huge, waterproof and the pattern was really cute, so I thought it would make the perfect pool bag on the cheap! I later cut out a big vinyl "S" on my Cricut for a touch of personalization. This has been the cheapest bag I have ever bought, but I think it has been my favorite. It holds so much! 

Here are my pool/beach day essentials: 
(Just a heads up, I am a big fan of monograms!)
  • Nice fluffy beach towel -- I got this Lacoste towel years ago, but it still holds up great!
  • Big stack of magazines -- In my current stack: Teen Vogue, Shape and Self
  • Hat I wish I could pull off a cutesy straw hat, but I usually just sport my monogrammed baseball cap.
  • Tumbler Cup -- Another cheap-o purchase from Wal-Mart that I spruced up by adding a vinyl monogram.
  • Sunscreen -- Always a necessity!
  • iPod -- I have to have good tunes while laying out!
  • Rainbow Flip Flops -- My favorite brand of flip flops, they are so comfortable! 
A big thanks to Ashley for letting me share what's in my bag!  

What are some of your pool day essentials? 
Can't get enough of Staley, visit her blog here.

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