Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Friday

When in Rome...
Here's a treasured photo of my sister and me. We were on a family vacation in Rome. We had been walking around the city all day, and it was hot! Yes, we're wearing matching rompers and sandals. Big blonde hair with teased bangs was the standard. 

Even today, the photo is just so telling of our personalities. While I did have a pesky rock stuck in my shoe, I've always been rather intense. I get my panties in a twist easily. My parents always had to remind me to RELAX. My sister is the exact opposite -- she finds humor is most situations. She's very lighthearted and laid back. I've been meaning to frame this photo and put it on my desk as a reminder to not take life too seriously. I look at it now and grin from ear to ear. This captured moment is just one of a plethora of priceless memories I'll always cherish. Thank God for family photos! Those outfits alone are enough to keep us humble... Maybe one day I'll share a few other stylish moments from my past? Nerd Quirk Alert: I really loved walking shorts and sweater vests. That is all.

Have a divine weekend!


P.S. My weekly round-up will post later today or Saturday morning. Flyboy is leaving again, so I want to be able to help him pack and hang out before he skedaddles.

P.P.S. After writing this post, I realize from my expression (see photo above) why so many people at our high school in Hawaii compared me to a bulldog. My sister said her friends thought I walked around the campus looking like one. Ha ha! All I see is a rather stylish pooch in a slicker and its adorable owner in pink wellies.
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  1. OMG Ashley I love that picture of you two, your expression is priceless! Very much like my kids; Ben is laid back and easygoing, Charlie not so much (he's just like his mama, Type A all the way!).