Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stream of Thoughts

Preface: You thought you were nutty.
On my mind this Thursday morning...
I think I need a sparkle skirt.

I wish Katie Evans sold this as a print! Maybe I just need the coffee cup.

Too early to drink, but with a name like Woop Woop, you could almost justify it!

  • I'm smitten with Katie Evans and her sketches.
  • I should really start doodling again.
  • Coffee jitters + lack of focus = crazy pants.
  • It's Kinnick's (my godson) first week of Kindergarten! Talk about a Woop Woop!
  • I hope he gets my care package. I'm pretty excited about it.
  • Don't Forget: You need to make baked ziti for the squadron.
  • Oh, and crack open your textbook for next week's substitute teaching course. Stay positive.
  • Yes, I said TEXTBOOK. And I had to pay to take the course. Don't get me started...
  • Ugh, it's not nearly as glamorous as Gwyneth makes it appear on Glee.
  • I wish I had a career, but what else is new?
  • Insert pep talk: Stop being sad and just be rad. Don't be fancy, just get dancy...
  • I would get up to dance, but Beesly's at my feet and panting.
  • It's almost as if the poor girl sports a Jackie Cardigan year-round with all that fur. 
  • That doesn't sound half bad to me. Earth to Ashley, she's a dog with a fan right in front of her.
  • Pause to give B some love. "Maybe next time we can move somewhere cold? Maybe Alaska?"
  • End conversation with DOG. You've really got to stop doing that so much.
  • I hate when I stare at my computer, and I can't remember what I was going to Google or what site I was going to visit. Ach, schade!
  • Try having some real problems. 
  • With each stroke of the keypad, I'm reminded I need to take the polish off my nails. Crusty.
  • Get off of etsy and stop tracking packages.
  • But why must some etsy vendors take forever to send your goods?
  • That makes you sound like a drug addict. The goods? Really? Yup. The goods.
  • Speaking of green and leafy things, perhaps I should brag about how big my basil and rosemary plants are getting? 
  • Mom and Ina would be so proud. The Barefoot Contessa is like family.
  • Reminder: Tell mom how much you love the show Picker Sisters. Awesome find, mutti!
  • As if you really need to add another TV show to your DVR list. 
  • Read a book, or be like Jill Zarin and get a hobby! There I go with boob tube references again.
  • But I consider the cast of Big Brother my friends...
  • You watch Showtime's Big Brother After Dark and tell me you wouldn't feel the same.
  • Lame sauce. 
  • Go outside and make some friends! <-- my mom used to say this to my sister and me
  • We liked playing indoors and with each other. You wouldn't describe us as active or athletic.
  • I really should work out, but I don't want to. What else is new?
  • Anthropologie: Free Shipping! That like NEVER happens. 
  • Awesome sauce!
  • Now check to see if HI applies. Scooooooooooore! Offer ends in September -- even better.
  • You've been forewarned, flyboy. Let's see if he reads the FINE print.
  • Stop being hilarious.
  • Now step away from the computer, get off the crazy train and go take a shower.
  • And try wearing something other than stripes today... Yeah right!

With much love and many other scattered and quirky thoughts,

P.S. Kinnick & my mom after his first day of school.
He's one ecstatic & animated eagle!
Love. Love. Love.
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  1. This is eerily like my train of're scaring me Fine!

  2. I could not stop laughing. I love this post more than any other I've read. Why does HI have to be so darn far away??

  3. AB - You make me laugh! I'm pretty sure we're the same person:) I'm glad to know someone shares in my craziness.

    Aims - I wish we weren't so darn far away. I'm glad I could get a laugh or two out of you. I didn't know what to blog and then I started laughing at how ridiculous my thoughts were. Grab notepad and paper. There's your post:) I showed NCF my scribbles and he rolled his eyes.

    Happy Thursday, ladies!!