Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cuckoo for Juju

Cameroonian Juju Hats have been on my design radar for awhile. I blame Domino for introducing me to a lusty decor wish list at such a young age. It's not healthy. And since the glossy is no longer in print, my index of wants has subsided to a less dangerous level. It's quite a shame that they're so stinkin' expensive, because I'm pretty sure I would have one adorning a wall by now. And thanks to Pinterest, I was reminded again of my adoration for these feather headdresses. The quirkier the wall art, the better. I love the texture and polka dot-like qualities. Aren't they gorgeous? Everyone needs a statement piece with a jolt of color and a pop of panache in their home. Here's what Table Tonic had to say about these darling design accessories:
Traditionally worn by Village Chiefs in the Cameroon region of central Africa, Juju hats (or Tyn hats) have since gained popularity with interior designers, and are often used as an eye-catching accessory for the home. Beautiful bird feathers are painstakingly hand sewn onto a raffia fiber base/basket that splays out into a huge circle. Feathers are considered rare objects of beauty and a symbol of prosperity and wealth associated with the positive qualities of birds. When not in use, the Juju hat can be neatly folded in on itself for easy storage. A perfect example of fine, unique and skillful weaving from Central West Africa, Juju hats have featured in high-end decor magazines, such as Domino, Elle Decor and Inside Out, to name a few.

Some bloggers continue to scoff at how mainstream Juju has gone -- they're OVER it! Is this just the next "Keep Calm" trend? As an owner of the original "Keep Calm" poster, I totally get it. I'm even a little bitter. When a "design darling" is used on Dear Genevieve, it makes you wonder if it's really THAT special anymore? When will it be knocked off at Target? Don't get me wrong, I love a great Tar-jay bargain, but when they mass produce EVERY little thing, it gets tiring, especially when you've spent the money on a quality and crafted piece. It's enough to make me want to take down my sfgirlbybay print and hide it in some closet from the design gods -- a fashion faux pas similar to shoulder pads or bouffant bangs. I've had this discussion with my mom many times, and in the end, she always advises me to stick to what I love, and what makes me happy (mother knows best). Trends come and go, but opt for items and invest in pieces that make YOU happy. I'm an overly intense person who occasionally needs to look at a print to remind me to take a chill pill. I will always appreciate classic colors such as navy and green. I came out of the womb with an affinity for stripes (and her quirky cousin, the chevron) and polka dots, and I will be buried in them (How morbid! Sorry I went there.). I love embellishments likes ruffles and bows. And after a year or two of coveting Juju, I still wouldn't mind the addition of a ginormous textured polka dot on my wall. I'll place it right next to my "Keep Calm" print. Suck on that decor gods.

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  1. Those hats are amazing!! I really wish you would have posted this earlier this summer. My aunt, my cousin, her husband (a doctor), and their three kids went on a medical mission trip to Mbingo, Cameroon for six weeks in June/July. If I would have know about these treasures I would have seen if they could have picked one up for you. If they go back next summer, I'll keep you in mind.

  2. Oh, wow! That's so cool:) You'll definitely have to let me know if they go back to Cameroon. I just think the hats are stunning!

  3. I have been in love with these since Candice put one in an episode! I feel like you have Eric could have gifted you one of these...haha lol

  4. Bahahahaha! I'm pretty sure Mbog Hob would have been my ticket to some Juju. Why did I ever delete him from MSN Messenger? Ha ha!