Tuesday, June 2, 2015



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! This sounds terribly dramatic, but after DAYS of nonstop rain (I'm looking at you Grey May!), our week started off with a sunshiny bang and I feel like a whole new person. For the first time in a long time, I'm genuinely motivated and energized—and it's not just the iced coffee talking. June, you're looking mighty fine my friend! Let's get on with the crazy details...

  • A certain pint-sized Fine is teething again (When does it end?), and he's driving me bonkers. I feel for the sweet babe, I really do, but his entire demeanor can change in an instant. He's SO unpredictable. We can go from giggling to wailing in a snap. I can't help but wonder how we got so lucky with this one, and I also question how we EVER survived colic. When did I become so weak?! Just six days shy from turning eight months and he has four chompers. Is that even normal??
  • The abysmal weather paired with a cranky tot had me feeling like I was about to go insane. At one point last week I felt so drained and my head hurt. I seemed more frazzled than I did when Max was a newborn. How is that possible? Then I realized I was running off of coffee and oatmeal and I wasn't fueling my mind and body as necessary. Thankfully, my sweet friend Danielle sent over a few of her "Today is Mine" notepads to stay organized and on task. I'm such a visual person; somewhere along the way I stopped jotting down my daily goals and to-dos. No wonder I felt so out of sorts. 
  • Whenever I pop into the store for an item or two, I typically push Max around in his stroller. As he's grown, I can tell he likes to look around and gets bored easily in his car seat. Go ahead and cue chucking his bottle and toys at the most inopportune times. Anywho, I looked into various shopping cart covers and opted to go with this multipurpose striped one from Native Wilds. It arrived on Monday, so I'm eager to give it a test drive whenever we run errands next.
  • On Saturday evening we met some friends for dinner. It was a great excuse for the antisocial Fines to mix and mingle. Woop woop! However, on our way home, I realized we lost Max's favorite teether (this one). I've always heard about people buying these things in multiples, but it wasn't until last week that I realized he was so keen on it. Long story long, I'm waiting on the UPS man to deliver it this afternoon. I was able to locate it on Amazon Prime, but unfortunately for us, the seller didn't give the option to have it shipped overnight. Sigh. For now our little love nugget will continue to gnaw on his favorite flash cards and attempt to chew at his feet. So much for keeping things sanitized and safe around here...
  • Originally we were going to head to Austin this Thursday for an extended family weekend of fun, but Flyboy's work schedule started to look a bit hectic and we opted to adjust our vacation dates just a tad. We were both initially bummed, but it might just work out better this way. We'll set out on Sunday for the Texas state capital and by next Tuesday we will have stuffed ourselves silly with oysters at Perla's and confections from Gordough's. You will be forced to hear about it on the blahg, no doubt. Please, contain your "Yay, they're getting outta Dodge!" excitement.

Alright, enough of my bloggie babbling. What are YOU up to these days? I'm dying to know.
P.S. Oh hey, today marks 1,000 posts at One Fine Day!

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