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Happy Tuesday, m' dears! We're Missouri bound tomorrow, and as you can imagine I'm in the thick of packing and list-making. On a side note, why do babies require SO MUCH STUFF? I can't even begin to think about what I'll need for the next ten days. It's all about the babe. Anywho, I thought I'd pop in for a hot second and share a few of my favorite details from the last week. It was a good one.

  • Maxwell is on the move. While I can't say his crawling motions are fluid or graceful, he shuffles across the floor with all of his might. Real talk, the entire show lasts a total of fifteen seconds before he gets tired and face plants on the rug. Hey, at least he's moving forward! In fact, if you're not careful you might just miss the big performance. Ha Ha! I was initially kind of bummed that he didn't just zoom off like I'd envisioned, but then I remembered that he did inherit my German peasant stock legs. Have you ever tried moving around a set of beefy gams? Yep, it's kind of the reason I choose not to run. It's downright exhausting! For now I'm just grateful he lacks any motivation to crawl more than two steps. The house and dogs are probably thankful as well. I have a feeling we're not ready for the madness just yet.
  • On Friday, Flyboy's students got to turn on the beer light in the flight room. Big deal alert! Around five that evening, I decided it was time to turn on the beer light at home. It's not often that I imbibe on anything that doesn't require gin, but I was eager to whip out the latest addition to my cocktail napkin collection. Longneck? It seemed fitting and super cute.
  • Finding adorable boy clothes for summer hasn't been as easy as I'd hoped. In fact, I find myself deferring to statement tees to add flair to Max's wardrobe. The Fresh Prince inspired tee from Passive Juice Motel was a no-brainer, but part of me thinks that all of these tees make him look too grown up. Suddenly I have the urge to dress him in onesies and footed pajamas forever. Maybe then he'll continue to look like a little baby? Please. Stop. Growing. Deal?!
  • Who knew a simple canvas tote featuring m' fave boss lady, Jenna Lyons, could bring so much delight? It almost feels as though she likes to tag along for an afternoon of errands. Pinch me. In true Swell Rio fashion, I've had a handful of people ask who's on my bag, and I can't help but feel like I come off a little strong when I drone on about the creative director. Did somebody say Crewcults? You know I'm a card-carrying member.
  • Speaking of J.Crew, I have a feeling what I pack for Missouri will consist primarily of these tanks and accessories. Perhaps if I stick with a color palette I can play with the basics and maximize my outfit options. I should really get to packing...
  • It's been confirmed by both of my parents that Max is definitely saying mom. I'm certain he hasn't attached the title to me specifically; however, he does make a point to say it when he needs a bottle or wants attention. Oh, hey! Is it okay if I reject him saying the m-word until mom is said in a joyful or excited manner? Also, can anyone tell me why dada is said with excitement and mama is uttered whenever he's ticked off? Oh, my sweet curmudgeon.
  • I recently ordered a pair of metallic Birkenstocks (mirror green), and I must admit I'm at odds with them. I love the shiny factor and the comfort level is crazy great. That being said, I just don't know if I can pull them off. Part of me wonders if I should keep them to wear around the house, or if this is just a big no-no and it's time I return to sender.
  • And since HEB had my favorite color of Peonies,  you better believe that's worthy of TWO pictures in today's post. Two.

Enough of my babbling. How are YOU? I hope your week is off to a fantastic start.

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