Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Some days (cough, Tuesday, cough) require a little mental escape. When nothing seems to go right, it's nice to daydream about future adventures or sweet memories from the past. In my case, I like to regain composure by escaping to my closet. Yes, it sounds pathetic, but it's true. While organizing accessories, I take a quick baby breather and concoct a creative vision of my happy place. 

For instance, to combat the crazy that ensued yesterday, I found myself daydreaming of a familiar place—Maui. I decided I'd wear this fabulous beach hat and hide behind this punchy pair of sunnies. Over the course of the afternoon, I'd down a few frozen spiked beverages and hang out in this spectacular swing while devouring the beautiful view before me. In between drinks and dozing off under palm trees, I'd find various forms of leisurely entertainment (a good book) tucked away in this adorable pom-pom basket.  I imagine I'll spend lots of time staring at the ocean scenery with sun-kissed toes staring right back at me. They might as well sparkle with a pair of bejeweled sandals and a colorful pedi in a shade of polish aptly named Haute in the Heat. Ahh, I could get used to this...

Happy Wednesday, sweet readers! If you need me, you know where to find me.
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