Wednesday, June 24, 2015


When I realized our Josef Frank-inspired armchair was damaged by the Hawaiian sun and we'd need a replacement, I immediately thought of the Strandmon from IKEA. Something about the shape screams classic and playful—you can't beat the reasonable price tag either! When we brought it home and placed it in the living room, I instantly fell in love with the rich navy color; however, something about the chair's legs looked generic and hokey. The hardware cheapened the overall look of the piece and it lacked the personality I craved. With a little bit of Googling, I learned about Pretty Pegs—a Swedish company that offers replaceable legs for brands such as IKEA. Offering a variety of styles, models, and colors, it's easy to give your furniture character. Intrigued by the notion, I submitted an order and waited patiently for Estelle (the name of the hardware, obvi) to show up.

Much to my delight, the snazzy legs arrived last week and I couldn't swap them out fast enough. After they were installed, I was silly giddy with the end result. I'm reminded once again that accessories make ALL the difference. It's the little details that make any home personal. Since the possibilities are endless with Pretty Pegs, I'm already pondering what I could do with another set.

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