Thursday, June 25, 2015


THINKING ABOUT: As a new mom, there comes a day when you realize you're being played by your baby. I told myself months ago that I wouldn't allow this to happen and that I was too savvy to fall victim to a twenty-pound infant's scheme. It turns out I'm a fool. He's on to me. I called my mom with a few examples and she couldn't help but laugh. I asked, "Well, when do I start telling him 'No' ?" She replied, "Now." Sigh. Just moments after hanging up the phone, I was already being tested. Grrrrrreat. It was time to put on my disciplinarian hat, which inevitably leaves you with the WORST hat head, but I digress. Max grabbed hold of my top knot and pulled with all his might. Yikes! I attempted to shut it down with a big fat NO and shook my head with a disapproving look. The fact that he responded with a smile makes me certain he still has no clue what it means, but at least it's in practice. I can already tell he's going to love Flyboy the most. Argh! And since I'm going to have to wear this silly enforcer hat, could it at least be kind of cute?

FEELING: While browsing Instagram on Sunday morning, I noticed that Rejuvenation—a house parts general store—was hosting a Father's Day giveaway in which one lucky follower would win this sleek fan. I didn't think much about it and tagged my mom because I know she adores the online shop just as well. Later that evening, I opened up the app before going to bed and found out that I was the lucky winner. Get. Outta. Town. I was so giddy; I had to read the comment several times to make sure it was real. I can't say I've ever won anything substantial. Does a bag of lollipops from my 8th grade science teacher or a pencil from Frau Nicholson count? As far as I was concerned my lucky streak ended in middle school, so winning this giveaway feels like a pretty big deal.

THANKFUL FOR: Alert the press! A CVS just opened in Swell Rio, and you better believe Max and I made a trip on Monday morning. I'll admit I was mostly in it to check out the selection of Essie polish (meh), but came home with this Burt's Bees Honey and Grapeseed Hand Cream that my mom uses instead. I have the hardest time finding it anywhere, so I felt like I was winning at life. Whenever I smell it, I think of her. Maybe using it will make her supermom powers rub off on me? It's worth a shot.

EATING: When it comes to my relationship with bananas, you could say we're on a break (You're thinking Ross and Rachel, aren't you?). I blame Max for coming between us. Have you ever seen a baby nosh on a banana in one of those mesh feeder things? Although incredibly messy, it's cute to see him devour the fruit all on his own. But with his gain comes my loss because the smell of wet banana seems to linger all day, and I just can't get over this aversion. Just one bite and I begin to gag. It's horrible! Flyboy swears he can't smell it, but after cleaning Max and the mesh feeder, I can't seem to escape the scent. Does this make any sense?

LISTENING TO: Since Max's original Jumperoo bit the dust over a month ago, we now have all new songs to learn. How's that for keeping things fun and fresh? Sometimes I turn it on and expect to hear the old tunes. Which way to Nostalgiaville?

WATCHING: Here's a fun fact. Summertime isn't official until Big Brother premieres. It's true. Flyboy and I couldn't be more excited to "meet" more of the house guests tonight. How pathetic are we? Ha Ha! Three cheers for an eventful DVR filled with more trash TV!

READING: At this point, I'm saving any books and magazines for our upcoming road trip to Missouri. How about I share a few online articles I found helpful or entertaining instead? Let's see what I've got in this random mix of reads. I promise, it's ALL over the place.

Erin Loechner On Style And Substance — LOVED so much about this interview. Could Erin just be my next door neighbor already?     
The Genius Way To Remove Sunless Tanner — I'm the queen of random streaks, so I'm intrigued by the suggestions.
Should Women Shave Their Face? — If it's good enough for Mama Manzo...
How To Take Tack-Sharp Action Photos — Since Max is a man on the move, this post was incredibly helpful!
The Thank You Plate — A beautiful reminder from Tatiana to stop and really digest life's goodness.
What It Means To Have The Heart Of An Empath — So much emotion in this piece. It's a blessing and a curse to feel ALL the feelings. 

LOVING: Kristin's blog, The Hunted Interior, is the best. In fact, I kind of wish I could just hop right into the computer screen and live in her lovely abode. Just recently, she shared a DIY Sculptural Vase that made my crafting confidence skyrocket. All too often I pin projects with big intentions, but rarely get around to making them. This is one DIY I'm definitely going to make a priority. It's too easy not to. I'm fairly certain I can find most of the supplies in Swell Rio, which is a bonus. This weekend's agenda is looking productive.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

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