Tuesday, June 16, 2015



Happy Tuesday, sweet readers! Coming off of our Austin high last week, I couldn't help but delight in the silliest details. I'm talking about the bright morning light that hits our white walls, unexpected Peonies in Swell Rio (shut the front door!), a fresh set of chalk pencils, the fact that Big Tex is still kicking (who knew?), and a case of Topo Chico. Not pictured in today's post: the royal meltdown that occurred last Friday morning in the checkout line at HEB, teething-induced insomnia, and a pair of neurotic dogs. Just because those moments aren't captured in a tiny square doesn't mean they didn't happen. In fact, when I hark back to last week's highlights and hairy moments, I can't help but think about a sticker I saw slapped on an electric box in Austin. It read, "Live a great story." 

A week has passed and I keep coming back to that reminder, which makes me utterly grateful for the good AND the bad details. Because when I look at any of these images, I know I own the narrative behind the snapshot. That's such an incredible gift! An onlooker may only see colorful blooms and a punchy pair of flats, but I smile because I know the insanity that ensued in the moments leading up to that photograph being taken, and I wouldn't trade that craziness for a second. Honestly, I earned that snippet of joy because despite the day's messier moments, I chose to hone in on the happy details instead. Thanks to that random sticker, I'm reminded yet again that living a great story is much like a scavenger hunt. I must be on the lookout for treasures in the everyday. Even when it gets messy and I might feel like I'm running on empty, there are hidden gems scattered throughout the mundane. 

Alright, enough of my babbling. How are YOU? Tell me about the hidden gems you've discovered in your week.
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