Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brush Strokes & Baubles

Artwork and accessories -- they're two of my favorite "A" words! When paired together, they're even more perfect.
via Lily of Paper Harbor
By Hagihara Takuya // Libby Colorblock Necklace in Flame
Heron in Stripes by Sarah Boyts Yoder // Notoriously Cheerful Necklace
M, by Alistair Frost // Blu Bijoux Square Tube Link Neon Bib Necklace
Color Study No. 2 by Emily Rickard // No. 41 Necklace
California Oranges by Emily Rickard // Tangelo Bib Necklace
Untitled (Blue) by Cliff Hengst // Bauble Bead Necklace in Cobalt
Stumblin in the Neon Groves by Francesca Spille // 5 Knot Necklace
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  1. Love the color connection between the art and jewelry! Good finds!

  2. This post was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! You have such an incredible eye:)