Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Diptyque: Baies // Roses // Mimosa // Jasmin
This is going to sound rather silly, but here it goes... What's the big deal with Diptyque candles? Will someone give me the skinny? Am I missing out on something? For years, I've seen these French fragrances grace the pages of endless shelter magazines and home decor blogs. Chic and hipster bloggers like Katie Armour and Emily Schuman have recycled Diptyque jars scattered throughout their homes, filled with colored pencils and makeup brushes. Aside from the simple and elegant design and packaging, will someone tell me what's so fabulous about this $60 luxury candle? What makes it different than the $20 candle? I'm just dying to know. Do you recommend a particular scent? Is it crazy to spend this much on a fancy-pants candle? As the "Treat Yo' Self" queen, I'm down with the occasional splurge. From what I've read, they burn for 50-60 hours and the scent is strong, so a little goes a long way. Diptyque lovers, please fill me in. I'll do just about anything to keep my home smelling so fresh and so clean.

Happy Thursday!
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  1. Thanks for this post! I've often wondered the same thing.

  2. once you figure it out, let me know too!

  3. Well, let me say that I have smelled most of the Diptyque line of candles in person. And they are nice. But that seems to be all. Just nice.

    I took home some samples of their colognes, but they all smelled the same. Like musk and figs. Albeit expensive musk and figs. But exactly the same.

    I say to stick with more reasonably priced candles like those from method, Slatkin (at Bath and Body Works and QVC), or even brands like de-luxe through

  4. Tommy, I love you! Thanks for adding your two cents and setting the record straight. I'm actually a big fan of the candles at Anthropologie.

  5. In Canada they;re 80 dollars! Marketing ect. somehow made them desireable. Nice design but nothing special. I don't like scented candles and I will confess that I buy off white unscented candles at Ikea for $2 Cdn.