Friday, August 3, 2012


Because sometimes love is too weak a word...
 Just a few things that made my heart go pitter-patter...
This photo makes me say, "Why didn't I think of that?" It's just SO good!
Don't forget: You were born an original. -- Love the idea behind this site!
Simply smitten with Simplesong's online shop. How about these kraft tags?
You were meant to sparkle with these crystal cluster earrings.
Slightly obsessed with this fabulous layering piece at J.Crew. I do love a rugby-inspired stripe!
Seeing this envelope decorated by Henri Matisse makes my heart smile. Now I definitely need this book!
Is it really August already? Unbelievable.
How about this simple scalloped cake stand? It's a kitchen must!
Did you know you could make homemade Oreos? Maybe I'll bake these if I'm feeling daring...
I cannot wait for Vanity Fair's September issue. Did you see Kate would be gracing the cover? Eek!
Is Vibrant Flame the new Clambake? Talk amongst yourselves...
Loving this ADORABLE insect journal at Anthropologie.
Oh, you! These cards by Perch Paper Co. will be the newest addition to my stationery wardrobe.
After three weeks without the beach, I've resorted to trying this tanning mousse. Here's to streak-free and safe sun!
Fine swine, indeed. These bookends are absolutely a-mazing! Get in my house now.
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  1. LOVE your list today! i honestly can't believe that it is already august too! Crazyyyy. & love that striped top, WANT. & i just recently bought myself a vintage cake stand from a local shop & LOVE it. put all of my perfumes on it! & you can't go wrong with bright nail polish!

    happy weekend love!

  2. omg i saw that little gold piggie too! i just might have to have it. cute roundup!