Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Currently Obsessed

Color me smitten. How fabulous is the selection of handbags from ModCloth?! 
With the bright pops of color and unique details, these bargain bags go above the call of beauty. 
I think I'll take one of each, please! 
  1. Travel Bright Bag -- My personal fave from this collection!
  2. Bright Lights Big Citrus Bag -- How about that name? So clever!
  3. To The Quilt Bag -- So chic in stripes.
  4. Mail Me to Miami Clutch -- The pop of pink and pale blue are a perfect combination.
  5. Orange You Adorable Bag -- Yes, you are! And as a result, you tote-ally deserve this bag.
  6. Something About You Bag -- Look at that luminous shade of orchid pink!
  7. Grasshopper, Skip, and Jump Bag -- I could see myself hopping around town with this satchel at my side.
  8. Enveloped in Style Tablet Clutch -- A contemporary carryall!

I think a girl's bag says a lot about who she is. What does your choice say about you?
When looking for a new bag, do you opt for fun, functional, or both?

Happy Tuesday, m' dears!
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  1. I am dying over that purple bag! So perfect for fall!

  2. I love the two tone clutch for fall! The green & purple is too cute! Love this and love the bright colors!

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  4. Oops sorry about that think I had trouble posting the first time around & then deleted it and it looks weird now:) woopsies! Hope you're having a good week:)

  5. So many great choices, loving the colors in the envelope clutch!