Monday, August 20, 2012

Life's Little Details

"The details are not the details. They make the design." -- Charles Eames

Happy Monday, dear friends! I hope your weekend was divine. I thought I'd kick this week off by sharing some of my favorite Instagram moments from the past two weeks -- details that make life's design that much sweeter. 

A trip to Whole Foods isn't complete without fresh flowers and a fresh chocolate chip cookie. / I'm pretty smitten with my swine bookends from CB2. / An afternoon shared with Vanity Fair. I couldn't think of anything better!?
Sometimes it's best to keep it simple. I think a white v-neck tee usually does the trick. / Proof that Beesly leaves puddles of drool around the house. / Catching up with Meryl and Andy in the Clubhouse. / A picture of my Godson from my mom's latest trip to Iowa. I'm sad I missed out on a day filled with crafts and superheroes.
Revisiting one of my favorite books. / A snail mail hug from my mom. / A morning spent with the shredder. / Thumbing through pages of my favorite magazines at the beach.
Sunday fun day at the beach. / A picture of my sister in Colorado. I miss her and I'm proud of her! / Garance Dore display at Kate Spade. / I'm down with any day in which I can pair stripes and gingham.
Just another way in which I put my Washi tape to work. / The newest J.Crew Style Guide. Swoon! / French Hen Sweater / A priceless Puna sunrise.
A Baggu-filled trunk -- I think I've got issues! / I'm pretty excited about this studded bow headband. It's rather BA, don't you think? / Beesly loves watching YouTube videos of other Berner puppies. / Absolutely obsessed with this Mini-mergency Kit. How is it possible to fit so much in such a little pouch?

Welp, there you have it... I'm sorry if this post was somewhat of a snooze fest. Flyboy and I had a DVR brimming with quality TV shows (Big Brother, Real Housewives of New Jersey, etc.), and I thought I'd keep it simple today. I'll be back tomorrow with something cheeky and creative.

I hope your Monday is marvy!
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  1. I love that Beesly loves watching videos of other Berners - so sweet!

  2. I love your instagrams! Your outfit peeks are my favorite, always!

  3. stop being so dang well dressed! also, your dog is too cute. looks like a big teddy bear!