Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trendy Taxidermy?

Pink Moose // White Tiger // Yellow Deer // Seafoam Elephant
The title of the post alone makes me snicker. How could a trophy head be considered a chic piece of decor? Clearly, I've gone off the deep end...again! Please just give me a few sentences to explain.

This past Tuesday I spent a good chunk of my afternoon catching up with some of my favorite blogs and websites. I checked out The Everygirl's feature about Lindsay Avner, founder and CEO of Bright Pink -- a non-profit organization dedicated to educating young women about the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer. The story was inspirational; Lindsay's courage, commitment, and tenacity are admirable. She's precisely the sort of gal you'd hope to read about on The Everygirl -- in fact, learning about successful female entrepreneurs has to be one of the site's best qualities. I look forward to these compelling stories each week! After reading the article, I almost exited the page, but the pops of pink in the top photo caught my eye. Can you say, hello ADD!?! I clicked through the images and saw the wicker moose head hanging against the brick wall in Lindsay's office. Pardon my shallow side and attention to impeccable details, but Lindsay's style is exquisite. How amazing is this hot pink trophy head? I immediately started to Google the following terms: faux, wicker, moose, and trophy heads.

As per usual, I got lost in the results and spent approximately 30 minutes wandering from site to site, bookmarking and Pinning faux taxidermy gems. It got me thinking about a few conversations I've had with Flyboy in the past. He likes to razz me and often asks when he'll get to display some of the trophy heads he has from past hunting excursions in Missouri -- lucky for me, they're currently being stored with his parents. A few months ago I humored him and asked what he thought about me shellacking a set of antlers in a vivid shade of hot pink. I really wish I could illustrate the disgust that came over his face; it was priceless! It was just another attempt on my behalf to explore ways in which we might mesh our interests and incorporate them into our home. I thought it was a kind and creative gesture, and I'm pretty sure Lindsay Avner would agree!

Maybe Flyboy will warm up to the idea at some point. I mean, what's not to love? They're fun and quirky! I'd even be willing to consider another color in lieu of pink. I think one of these resin faux trophy heads could be the perfect compromise. After all, isn't that what marriage is all about?

What do you think? Have I lost my marbles?

Happy Thursday, friends!
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