Tuesday, September 1, 2015



It's only Tuesday and I'm already really pumped about the upcoming holiday weekend. Anybody with me?! It's not as though we have anything crazy planned, but the idea of spending four days together as a family has got me feeling all sorts of giddy. So while I try my best to stay focused and just get to Thursday (Two. More. Days.), I should probably share a few of my favorite details from this past week. There were a handful of moments that left me feeling grateful. Hmm, where should I begin?

  • What's a girl to do when her husband's working late on a Friday night and the babe is sound asleep? Excitedly whip up a gin cocktail and spend the evening in the company of Iris Apfel. That's exactly what she does! Squeeeeeeeee! And just as I'd hoped, the documentary was as delightful as I imagined. If you haven't seen it yet, you MUST! I guarantee you'll fall madly in love with the rare bird on a whole new level you didn't even realize was possible.
  • Sometimes you just have to load up in The Rig, drive to the nearest small town, and try a new pizzeria. Even if the pie wasn't much to write home about, it was a fun way to shake up our weekend shenanigans. Not to mention, Max certainly enjoyed the people watching and garlic knots—both of which are really good signs he's definitely our kid!
  • On really long days when I find myself counting down the minutes until nap time, I cling to little details that bring lots of comfort like bright morning light, breezy walks around the neighborhood, and a quiet afternoon spent tidying up the house. These moments can easily get lost in all the fussiness and repetitive no's, so it's best if I make a conscious effort to look for them throughout the day. Much like a scavenger hunt, it keeps me focused and helps conquer the crazy.
  • Since Max is a 22-pound wrecking ball, it's rare the nursery—or the rest of the house, for that matter —looks orderly and pristine. In ten short months, I'm still learning this is okay. It's how things should be. Ha Ha! But after cleaning his room one morning, I was overcome with feelings of joy and nostalgia. Last year at this time, I was adding the finishing touches to Max's room. I guess I never dreamt we could have so much fun together or that we'd make the kind of memories we have in this small space. Don't get me wrong, I still love when pillows and toy bins are in their assigned spot, but his room is so much more than just that. I hope he loves it just as much as I do!
  • Remember when I said that my primary goal last weekend was to dust off my mixer and bake these chocolate chip cookies? Well, I actually followed through and made them for Flyboy to take to work. The recipe is insanely good, and I can totally see myself making them again and again. In fact, it was probably a good thing I got them out of the house and FAST because those bad boys didn't stand a chance unsupervised with my unruly sweet tooth.
  • Last week, we were told that a mystery package was on its way to Swell Rio and it would be addressed to Max. The contents of the box would include something that every Texas boy should own. Our interest was immediately piqued and we began throwing out obvious guesses such as cowboy boots or a belt buckle. We never realized that it would be a miniature truck. Obvi! Since Flyboy put the contraption together last Tuesday night, we've had a blast pushing Max around the house and neighborhood. We've found the babe is very serious about keeping his hands at ten and two and he won't hesitate to lay on the horn if he has to. Aw, they grow up so fast... 
  • Oh. Em. Gee. This kid is such a busy body. It's becoming increasingly hard to get a good shot of him because he's always on the go. I honestly can't wait until he gets to the age where I can bribe him to sit still for ONE little photo. Thank goodness for a fast shutter speed! On a mother's note, while browsing my camera roll for a picture or two to share on the blog, I couldn't help but notice how much Max's recent hair cut makes him look so grown up. Stahp it. Right now. What's next? College? Dating? Please excuse me while I go bury my head in a pillow and get all Ramotional.

Alright, enough of my rambling. How the heck are YOU??

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