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THINKING ABOUT: Earlier this week while fastening Max into his stroller, I noticed that the babe was chewing on something. As far as I knew, he shouldn't be chewing on anything. Oh boy! Worried he may have picked up a leaf or a piece of mulch that Tripp brought indoors again, I panicked and investigated inside Max's mouth. I didn't see anything, so I continued to prepare for our morning walk. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I found Max chewing some more. Bamboozled by his imaginary snacking, I wondered WHY he was doing this and it finally hit me. I was smacking on my gum and he was imitating me. I couldn't help but laugh and spent the entire walk trying to decide whether it's a good or bad thing he's so observant these days. Yikes! I'm definitely not ready for this.

FEELING: The cool morning weather (70 degrees is brisk in Texas) and the latest color selection of Tippi sweaters (swoon!) has me more than giddy for fall. But while my heart pines for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, my head says popsicles and tank tops will just have to do. You know I've reached a real low when I convince myself that a 90-degree high is a great sign it's cooling off around these parts. It's true, you can't spell delirious without Del Rio. *Note: Del Rio is the actual name of our town. Swell Rio is a term of endearment.

THANKFUL FOR: Glamorous tasks like getting the vehicle inspected are so much fun with a baby in tow. Speaking from experience, I ventured into town on Wednesday to cross the annual to-do off my list. Would you be surprised if I said that Max was being... Max?? As soon as we entered the body shop and I handed over the keys to The Rig, Sir Fussbucket was ready to put on a dramatic show. Classic, Maxwell! In an effort to quiet the child, I mosied on over to the "waiting room" (It smelled of gasoline, cheap coffee, and smoked meat. Pure machismo.) and began searching for that magical bag of Goldfish I keep handy in my tote. Unfortunately, this kid just wasn't having it. Whenever this happens, it's my instinct to scan the room and smile at EVERYONE. Thankfully, the gentleman that runs the joint offered to turn on the fan and TV in an attempt to keep us cool and entertained. Who knew The Rugrats en EspaƱol would be such a hit? I'm so grateful his bag of tricks worked, because my cheddar-flavored crackers just didn't cut it.

EATING: Since Max is a carb fanatic, much like both parents, I decided to pick up a box of Mini Nilla Wafers for the babe to snack on. Hold up! Did I just try to convince you the box of cookies was for Max? Because I'm certain I devoured EVERY single one of them and I'm not proud of it. When I initially gave one to the babe to try, he automatically threw it on the floor. Again, classic Maxwell! Instinctively I grabbed a few for me to eat and it was like a party in my mouth. You guys, I never remembered Nilla Wafers tasting THIS good. Maybe it's just me, but there's something about the miniature version that's so stinking tasty. It's almost like you get more Nilla to the wafer. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but try them if you dare. As for me, I can't allow myself to buy them anymore because they're dangerously addicting and I turn into an absolute maniac when I eat them.

LISTENING TO: A love for pasta and bread isn't the only thing Max and I have in common. Nope! It appears our child has picked up on my introverted ways as well. Grrrrrrrrrrrreat! You see, about a week before we visited Iowa, I found he enjoys sitting in his crib with a few toys and a book— preferably alone. I discovered this unlikely remedy when I found myself at wit's end one day. I decided it was best for me to place him in his bed and walk away for my own sanity. Instances like these take me back to the days of colic and I'll try anything I can to soothe him. Sometimes it feels impossible. However, moments after I walked away, I could hear him in a state of babbling bliss. Go figure! Most babies cry because they want to be around their moms and mine requires a little "me" time. I suppose it works out for the best because it gives me some time to tend to chores, but from the sounds of things it seems like I'm missing out on a lot of fun. I've attempted to record him when he's playing by himself, but he inevitably catches me in the act and his party comes to a screeching halt. I will say that I have caught him jumping around on his mattress and doing belly flops into his pillow and it's an absolute riot! I imagine it's the same feeling I get when I sit down with a cocktail and tune in to Bravo. Introverts unite!

WATCHING: Has anyone out there watched the new season of The Mindy Project? Eek, I'm so excited to get on Hulu and stream it!! I've decided it's going to be my treat this Friday night while Flyboy hangs out with his co-workers and Max goes to bed. Now I just need to decide on a snack that doesn't rhyme with villa or safer. Know what I'm sayin'? I just can't be trusted.

READING: I've become REALLY bad about reading texts and not responding for days Some of you can attest to this. I assure you I reply immediately in my head, but putting the thumbs to the screen and hitting send has proven difficult in recent months. I swear Max knows what joy I get when I hear from friends and family (ADULTS!) and seeing me preoccupied with my phone is a perfect opportunity to explore. The moment my head's down, his mischievous side runs wild. You win, Max. You win.

LOVING: Did any of you see J.Crew's Spring/Summer 2016 presentation at NYFW? Gah! I almost felt out of my chair, it was SO amazing. I think the return of madras print errything is what really sent me over the edge. It makes me want to take back what I said about fall weather (kind of). If this is what my beloved J.Crew means by "back to heritage," I say BRING. IT. ON.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

P.S. My apologies for another Max-centric post. It's kinda my life... Ha Ha!

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