Wednesday, September 2, 2015



Having spent over a decade of my childhood overseas with the Air Force, my family got used to missing our relatives that lived stateside. While this way of life might not sound ideal to some, it's the only normal I've ever known. Annual visits were chock-full of memories and inevitably led to tearful good-byes. It never got easier, and I've learned it never does. So when I agreed to carry on with this lifestyle by marrying into the military, I knew distance from family would be part of the package. I just didn't realize that adding a baby to our brood would make those good-byes THAT much harder. 

Suddenly I understand what my parents went through each time our family would come and go. I can't help but think about all of those video cassette tapes filled with family footage that would be sent from Europe back to Iowa every few months so our relatives could watch my sister and me grow.  Aside from the occasional visit, it was the best way for us to stay connected. Thankfully, technology has advanced quite a bit since the early 90s (Yikes, and our perms!) and there are oodles of creative ways to for us to stay in touch with our family as Max gets older. 

While I adore FaceTime and picture/text messages, I wanted to find other fun ways for Max to become familiar with his family near and far. In my search to bring our loved ones to Swell Rio, I've found that Pinhole Press' customized book of names and faces is a fantastic tool. We have the book with us at all times and while I'm not sure he knows anyone in the pictures just yet, I'm certain that repetition and time will make each individual grin recognizable.

Happy Wednesday, m' dears! How do you like to stay in touch with your loved ones?

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