Tuesday, September 15, 2015



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! How about another delightful batch of snapshots that add a little swell to The Rio?
(Because, let's face it, you haven't already heard that one before... Oops!) 
  • Perhaps we were coming off of our four-day weekend high, but last Tuesday was a real doozy. Max was testing me left and right, and by 4 pm I thought I was at my wit's end. Then the UPS man rang our doorbell. Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun!!! Right before me was a ginormous box waiting at our doorstep. What could it be? As Max sat in his high chair and proceeded to throw Nibbly Fingers all over the kitchen, I ripped open the mystery package and was more than surprised by the amazing lamp my parents sent for my birthday. I'm a little biased, but isn't she a beauty?! While my 30th is still weeks away, it's clear my mom and dad want to ensure I get lit—or that's the nerdy joke I keep telling myself. He He! At any rate, I couldn't be MORE grateful and it came at the BEST time! It's almost like they just knew...
  • As evident by the series of black-and-white images, Max is synonymous with mischief. Do you see the look of determination in his eyes? This kid is seriously into EVERYTHING. Oh, hello Domino magazine!!! A twisted part of me loves to observe him whenever he's exploring, but then panic sets in because I know I'm not ready for him to walk. My mom keeps telling me NOT to encourage it because the day will be here sooner than we'd like, and she's probably right. At least with the walker, he has some sort of bumper to keep him from getting into too much trouble. Lord, help me!
  • Early last week, I told Flyboy about a new "word" in Max's vocabulary. I'm talking about the term zass. Have you heard of it?! Ha Ha! Of course Max NEVER said it around his dad, so FB loved to give me guff. Now why would I just make something like that up?? Finally, on Sunday night, Max uttered the word in front of FB. Score!! Unfortunately, neither of us know what "zass" means, but we have oodles of fun working it into our conversations. Ol' zassy pants...
  • Despite some of the crazy that's been going on around here, you know I've made time for cocktails (always!) and a little colorful organization. I should probably spend any free time tending to my to-do list, but a little spirit-filled bookshelf decluttering on a Friday night never hurt anyone. We all have our vices. Mine are cloth bound and spiked with gin.

Enough about me, how the heck are YOU?! Go on and give it up. What's great in your life?

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