Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Happy Tuesday, m' dears! The past few days have been rather eventful. Perhaps it's best if we get on with the details...
  • On Friday we surprised Flyboy at work with pizza and treats for him and his co-workers. We had a two-hour window to work with before he'd take off on his next flight, so our timing was everything. Unfortunately, after we picked up the pizzas, we got stuck behind a funeral procession. The stall in traffic (does that exist in Swell Rio??) lasted over eight miles and I really thought our celebratory scheme was a bust. Eventually we made it to the squadron and lugged the goodies into the flight room only to find out Flyboy's mid-day flight was canceled and we were in the clear. Phew! Max had a blast socializing with students and instructors—most of which were baffled by the size of his beefy gams. Ha! Ha! I attempted to get a few photos of Pop and Tot together, but Max was being a real Angela (The Office, obvi...). My snap-happy finger just kept taking photos and one image with Flyboy's blurry hand is the best we could do. Hey, we tried!
  • It just so happens that my two favorite men share birthdays that are two days apart. Say what?! On Saturday, we celebrated Flyboy's 30th. Woo hoo! The day was rather low key, but you better believe there were party horns, glitter (I couldn't help myself!), and too much cake for two people to consume in a span of three days. Sorry, I'm not sorry! 
  • I spent most of Friday afternoon decorating the house with obnoxious streamers and plastering the place with Post-It notes as the cake baked and Max napped. When the child finally awoke, he was amazed by the sight of streamers and balloons. He just kind of shuffled around the house in his walker pointing and staring. It was pretty stinkin' adorable!
  • Since it's become increasingly difficult to get good photos of the babe, I was pretty excited to capture a few good images of Flyboy and Max before we ate birthday cake. The outtakes should be a post on its own, but I'll spare you.
  • My dad's birthday was yesterday and I was eager to find a way to for us to send some Swell Rio love his direction. Since Max is a true Texan now and owns his very own truck, we added a few details we thought Gampy might enjoy like a USAF chief's decal (to symbolize my dad's retired rank in the Air Force) and personalized plates. The phrase "taking ma to town" is something my great-grandfather used to say whenever he drove my great-grandmother to the city for errands and groceries. My dad references the saying whenever he runs around with my mom on the weekends or Max joins me on outings throughout the week. We figured these little additions were fitting, so we snapped a few photos to show him that Max is keeping an eye on his parking spot and is eager for Gampy and MiMi's arrival in less than two weeks.
  • After we took photos of Max and his truck on Sunday morning, we ventured into town for some breakfast at Starbucks. Would you believe the boys even let me dress them in matching polos (squee!)?? It was fun to sit on the patio, sip our coffee, and watch Max demolish an entire pastry on his own. I guess the love nugget is pretty jazzed about pumpkin-spiced everything because he was SUPER talkative after he fueled up on baked goods (cough, sugar, cough). It's clear from the photo above that he's a hand talker, which makes me beam with delight. Life is too short not to be expressive!
Alright, enough about our Swell Rio shenanigans. What have you been up to?

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