Friday, September 11, 2015


Let's get right to it, shall we?
Here's what made me feel all twitterpated, smile contagiously, giggle uncontrollably, etc.

  • Easy, Tiger Tee // We have a collection of glassware from this company, and from time to time I'll feature one of their cocktail glasses on Instagram. Hey, you might as well sip your Tom Collins in style, am I right?! So imagine my delight when I found out that I won a $25 credit to their shop for being a fan favorite. Ha! Now that I have a little fun money to spend at the shop, I've decided that Flyboy DEFINITELY needs this tee. It's a Missouri must!
  • Mr. Boddington's Studio // I think they might just take the cake when it comes to the cutest stationery illustrations. Honestly! In fact, I really want to buy this Kitchenaid card and this Diamonds card to add to a collage or to display in a frame somewhere in the house. They're both too perfect for words. Somebody give me ALL the cards.
  • Honeycomb Ball // The months September through November are chock-full of birthdays in our family. I find myself pinning all sorts of decorations and cake ideas. Who doesn't love a task like that?? It's time to party, people!
  • Suede d' Orsay Loafer Flats // Last year, Flyboy got me a set of strawberry loafers (similar to these), but the fit was much too narrow and they had to be returned. Sigh. Perhaps this fit would be better? Then again, they're similar to the Harper Flats, which are SO incredibly uncomfortable. I guess that color keeps wooing me. Please tell me they're comfy!
  • Big Dots Once-Piece // I'm fairly certain Max could wear this knitted one-piece, be as rotten as possible, and I still wouldn't mind. Two words, my friends. Polka dots. They kind of ALWAYS make everything better.
  • Fifteen Things Charles and Ray Teach Us // This book is a MUST for any Eames enthusiast. *Excitedly raises hand.*
  • Loren Hope Fall 2015 Collection // I woke up Thursday morning a little TOO eager to see what kind of magic Loren Hope and her amazingly talented crew concocted for the fall collection. The Autumn hues have me eager to dust off my sweaters and sip PSLs stat. I especially love the Sylvia Necklace in Marigold. The accessorizing options are endless!!
  • Desk Notepad // With all of the birthdays, visitors, and deadlines coming up, I really need to sit down and get organized.
  • Read My Lips Mug // I saw this mug recently and couldn't help but laugh. It definitely reminds me of The Max Factor I shared in yesterday's post. Wish my painted pout and me some luck as we make our weekly trip to HEB. We'll need it!
  • Cake Stand // Since Flyboy's 30th birthday is quickly approaching (September 19th), he still needs to decide what cake he'd like me to make. I typically bombard him with various pins to choose from (like this one from The Vault Files), but he tends to keep it simple. Thankfully, he won't need to decide on a cake stand or toppers—I've got that part covered!
  • Shiny Foil Gold Scallop Tape // Sometimes I begin searching for party supplies and get distracted by things like cute tape.
  • Desktop Freebies // Give your computer some love and download these darling wallpapers by Maddy Nye

Cheers to a snazzy weekend, m' dears! Make it count.
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