Wednesday, September 9, 2015



The perfect blend of productivity and fun, this past weekend was a good one. Oh, let's get straight to the details. Shall we?!

  • Donning my most sparkly pair of sandals, I headed to the dentist last Friday morning determined to distract the doc from finding any more cavities. Little did I know, this appointment required a teeth cleaning only. Hooray! Imagine the excitement and relief that came over me when the technician broke the good news. I'm thinking a save like this can be attributed to the bejeweled shoes. When all else fails, BLING out the BIG guns!
  • On Sunday, we took a day trip to San Antonio's gem of a 'hood—the Pearl Brewery District— and savored all its charm. While strolling through the farmer's market, we sipped on iced coffee from Local and devoured sweets from Bakery Lorraine. Since the district is pretty much food-focused and we needed to kill time so we could eat AGAIN, we visited a smattering of locally-owned shops like The Sporting District, Roo & Me, and Bike World. When we finally decided it was socially acceptable to eat again, we mosied on over to the Boiler House for an outstanding brunch. Maybe it was just the Tom Collins talking, but our meals were fantastic! I'm already eager to visit the area again—so we can eat some more.
  • Since nap time is sacred around these parts, Flyboy and I couldn't help but look forward to Max's afternoon snooze so we could relax together sans baby. On Saturday, we made the most of our time alone by attacking the front yard and sprucing up the patio (with the help of these cheerful pillows). Being the nerds that we are, we joked we got stoned, but that just really meant we spent two hours moving 1,640 pounds of rocks from Flyboy's truck into the yard for a little landscaping project. Eat your heart out, HGTV Yard Crashers! And to prove we REALLY know how to have a good time, we spent the remaining afternoons hanging out on the patio sipping on gin and juice.
  • Flyboy is trying his damnedest to get the babe to sit still, but it's clear our 11 month old is a Max on the move. Since he was a wee infant, we've both had visions of snuggling up on the couch with our love nugget, but that's never been the case. Sigh. We initially blamed it on his bout with colic (???), but we're learning he's just a natural-born busy body. As someone who also believes sitting still is overrated, I should probably take the blame for this trait. Oops! Flyboy's determination to put this "skill" into practice is commendable, and I'm trying my best to model good behavior by making time to sit and read books with Max periodically throughout the day. Yesterday's attempt was a total flop, but something tells me it was my choice in reading. Maybe Mitford at the Fashion Zoo was more for me than it was for Max?! Ha Ha!
  • We're just a month away from Max's first birthday, so I'm scrambling to come up with ideas to make his celebration special for ALL of our family. In an attempt to get organized, I started making lists and sorting through photographs (in this album), which made me feel ALL the feelings. Then, after spending more time than I care to admit staring at party balloons and bulk confetti options online, I looked over from our desk at Flyboy and began sobbing. Amid the snot-filled dramatic sniffles, he managed to decipher the majority of what I was saying, which quite honestly made very little sense, and suggested we take a cocktail break (cue sanity serum) on the patio. Who can argue with a solution like that?

Alright, enough of my rambling. How are YOU? How was your weekend?

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