Tuesday, September 29, 2015



Someone is fighting the urge to nap while I'm supposed to blog, so it's best if we get straight to the details. Mmmkay?!
  • The series of black and white photos in today's post are Swell Rio scenes that occur all too often. If I sit down or look away for one second while Max is on the move, I can expect the three phases of curiosity to commence. Part one entails "Ooh, what's this?! Gold. Mine." Part two means that Max is gonna go for it and he's pleased as punch with his newest discovery. "What's this button do??" Part three means that his buzzkill mom arrives to the fun party and says that "NO!" word. Sometimes I like to watch the wheels turn in his cute little brain as these situations unfold—hence the reason I opted to photograph Max in the act before redirecting him away from my trusty desktop planner. Ha Ha!
  • Yesterday I brought Gemma (my sunny yellow flats, of course) to Wally World. I figured it was time she get acquainted with the most happening spot in Swell Rio, but I get the feeling she was slightly underwhelmed with our outing. Le sigh.
  • Do the lovely folks at J.Crew know more about my kid than I do? Perhaps this is what you'd call foreshadowing?? I'm talking about Max the Monster—the terrifyingly cute little guy behind the googly eyes that's popping up in the Crewcuts section. He's described as incredibly curious with BIG eyes, which sounds and looks awfully familiar. Hmmm...
  • We got this set of alphabet blocks for Max, but they're SO tricky to get back into the little storage box. Flyboy and I are constantly stumped whenever we attempt to put the set back together. Occasionally we like to time ourselves (because we're crazy like that), but our slow speed makes us question if we would ever stand a chance in the Big Brother house.
  • I found these nifty cardboard letters at Walmart yesterday, which will come in handy for a little project I've got up my sleeve. Stay tuned. While I wait for the glue and paint to dry, I think I'll just sit and play with the letter A some more.
  • I made another loaf of banana bread (recipe mentioned here) for Max and he scarfed it down AGAIN. Try it. You won't regret it! Unfortunately, the pretty line didn't break in the middle of the bread because of the baking soda. Why? I'm still not entirely sure. Science is sneaky, but it definitely tasted delish. Better luck next time—and there will be a next time.
  • Last Friday crafternoon was spent working on fun odds and ends for Max's first birthday. I promise to share more details from the party boxes soon. I'm giddy about the final product. They're a real hoot!

Alright, enough of my rambling. What are YOU up to? Happy Tuesday, m' dears!!

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