Tuesday, May 13, 2014


"Kollage 173"
"O Series N°6"
"The L Series"
"So Close"
"Kollage K 9"
As a self-proclaimed color lover, I take great pride in presenting bright and punchy posts to my readers each week. However, a BIG part of my heart beats wildly for the abstract works of Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline. I can't deny the way I felt when I saw "Elegy to the Spanish Republic" for the very first time, or witnessed the dramatic and calligraphic freedom of Kline's canvases in person. The feelings artwork provokes and the memories attached to those works are one of life's greatest gifts. I've never been one who's short of words, but those black-and-white beauties leave me speechless every time. Similarly, I got to relive those cathartic experiences when I stumbled upon the work of French artist, Laurent Koller. Outstanding, isn't it?! Once again, the words escape me, but my heart flutters—both of which are positive signs the art speaks to me. What could be more lovely than that?! 

P.S. I scoured the web in an effort to learn more about Koller; however, there wasn't much available. If for some reason you love his work and you're provoked to do some research, send whatever you find my direction. Aside from Saatchi, Pinterest, and Facebook, I didn't find much, but I know I want to learn more!
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