Thursday, May 22, 2014


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THANKFUL FOR: On Sunday, Flyboy and I will celebrate our anniversary. I still can't believe it was six years ago that we stood together on a blufftop overlooking the Missouri River and said "I Do" in front of our dear family and friends. In that moment, I didn't think it was possible for me to love him any more. I guess I just thought "This is it!" But something incredibly bizarre happens when you find out that your family of four (I'm talking to you, Tripp and Beez) is growing and your life together will change forever. I suddenly see my best friend in a new light; it's as though I've fallen for him all over again. How could I possibly top that original smitten feeling? Any fears I have about our life changing are met with a smile or hug that assures me this adventure is just about to get better. My friends, if you find someone who leaves you feeling hopeful, believes in YOU, and makes you laugh, hold on to that person and hold on tight. As a girl who tends to overthink EVERYTHING, the smile in his eyes makes me genuinely excited for what's to come. In a lot of ways, this baby has been the ultimate anniversary gift. It's strengthened our bond as a couple and it's given us a reason to celebrate our future. Flyboy, I love doing life with you.

READING: Lately, I've been enjoying Whoorl's Mindful Monday posts. Are you familiar with Sarah and her fabulous blog? If not, you should get on it. Like A Cup of Jo, it's one of the few blogs that I stop by on a regular basis. This week, she responded to a reader's comment by inviting her cousin to write about the ways in which he's coped with a painful divorce and the loss of his young daughter. The situation is heartbreaking, but his essay is a beautiful reminder that while we don't have any real control over the events that happen to us, we CAN reframe the way we see those events. As Sarah points out, "Craptastic stuff happens to all of us, but we CAN choose to see the light in dark situations. We CAN choose love over hate and hope over despair." Yes, yes, and YES! If you have a free moment, this post is a MUST. I think it's something we can all relate to.

FEELING: I've felt the baby move three different times in the last week. Woah! I'm not sure if you call it a muscle spasm, butterflies, or gas, but it was strange and surreal. I initially felt movement on the evening we found out my sister was accepted to Creighton, where she'll get her PhD in occupational therapy. Woop Woop! Yeah, that's why I was grinning from ear to ear in last week's post. The bebe and I definitely had a celebratory moment; I think it was aware the news was a BFD in the Fine and Richardson households. Also, I must give this child props for its festive timing; it kind of felt like someone shot a confetti gun inside my stomach. Well done, little one! I think you're already a BIG fan of your aunt. Then, a few days passed and I felt nada. I started to question whether it actually happened. Did I make this all up? Then, it moved AGAIN. This time it occurred after I cooled down from a spinning workout. Does this mean we've got a future cyclist on our hands? If that's the case, Baby Fine definitely takes after its father. The third time it moved, I knew it was a child after my own heart. I had just devoured a big juicy steak. I sat in a state of pure carnivorous bliss, beaming with delight. I like to think Julia Child would be proud of My Little Fine. After all, she always attributed her longevity to red meat and gin—attagirl! Ugh, I can't wait to be reunited with the gin part...

EATING: Last year, we celebrated our anniversary with Peonies and an ice cream cake. I have a feeling I won't be getting my grubby little paws on those bright pink blooms this year, so I'll have to turn my focus to dessert instead. Since my foodie Pinterest board consists mostly of sweets, coming up with an idea shouldn't be a problem. Now I need help making a decision. Thoughts?! 

WATCHING: Every time I watch The People's Couch on Bravo, I get a little envious. It's kind of like the show that got away, yanno?! What I wouldn't give to sit with my sister, Aubrey, eat snacks, and be filmed as we comment (adorably, of course) on our fave shows each week. Call me haughty, but I think we would be SO good at it! Sometimes when I'm watching the boob tube, I like to think about all the witty things I'd say if I was on the show, then I like to text them to Aub in hopes that she's all caught up with our stories too. It kind of feels like live Tweeting, but the audience is mostly me, the dogs, and my little sister.

LISTENING TO: There's something about Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's Good Vibrations that makes me feel better about sporting padded spandex shorts when I spin. The iconic 90s beat pushes me to pedal a little faster and work up a sweat like Mark and Donny would. It's best to listen to at the beginning of my workout, otherwise I find myself wanting to chuck my phone across the room because it feels like the longest song ever towards the end of my spinning video. It goes on FOREVER!

LOVING: So, J.Crew's Downing Tote in Stripe Leather is kind of wooing me at the moment with its adorableness. Would it work as a possible diaper bag? Am I just jumping the gun on this one because it's got stripes (swoon!), and I can rely on the fact that it will still fit me in five months?! I know it's lacking in pockets, but that's what Blair Ritchey and Baggu were made for! Am I right?! And you know I'm always going to be THAT girl with bags inside of bags. All moms and bag ladies are invited to weigh in.

Enough about me. How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Thanks for stopping by!!

P.S. I apologize about all the baby-related talk lately. It's kinda the only thing I've got going on at the moment. Bear with me! xo
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