Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Today's Need Read Greed, courtesy of the lovely Lindley Pless:
  • NEED
    With young daughters, and a business that was launched last year—there isn’t much time left over for my main man. If feels like decades ago that my husband and I had time for a casual double date at a local restaurant once or twice a week! Now we seem to sneak a date in when the stars collide, both kids are healthy, and all other social plans are at a stand still. We are in NEED of a weekend away—just the two of us. I’ve always been dying to check out The Mayflower Grace in Washington, Connecticut. It gets rave reviews. A leisurely breakfast (my favorite meal of the day) with a newspaper and latté in hand, a long hike followed by a few hours at the spa, and then dinner with my husband sounds dreamy. Not to mention sleeping in. Take me away!
  • READ
    Wonder, by R.J. Palacio rocked my world when I read it last month. The book is that rare breed that appeals to men, women, teens, and even middle schoolers. It’s about courage, confidence, love, and compassion. When young August Pullman, who was born with a severely disfigured face, heads off to school for the first time—trials and tribulations ensue. We follow “Auggie” as he seeks out true friends and finds the strength to face his bullies. The relationships (all unique and powerful) will haunt you and the choices the characters make throughout the story will catch you by surprise and hook your heart into this book forever. I think about the characters often and wonder where they are and what they are doing…
    And these. Oh these… I have become a real flats-loving-girl since having kids and moving to the suburbs. I never would have splurged on high-quality flats in my 20s. Expensive shoe purchases were reserved for just stilettos back then. But now, I realize that I wear flats a lot and often in the evening and at night. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing as sexy as a super-high skinny heel for special occasions, but a well-made flat can really make you feel pulled together whether you are running to a meeting or to a coffee date! There is something so Jackie O about these Chanels.

Thanks for sharing, Lindley! These are such fabulous picks. I hope you get that weekend away with your husband very soon.
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